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Black Panther

We went to see Black Panther this evening, finally. Despite a very cool trailer, neither of us was super hyped for it but the MCU has earned enough trust that we’ll see, and almost certainly enjoy, everything.

What a hard movie to talk about… I liked it, I did. I really liked it actually and I can’t fault anything in it. The acting was great across the board from a stellar cast. The writing was sharp, with a more serious tone than most Marvel movies and tackling real issues head on. The action was fun, thrilling and exciting, from the fun chase with a remotely driven car to a couple of stand out single combat fights on a waterfall and the heist-gone-wrong action scene in the middle with at least one very cool faux single take action shot. This film features one of, if not the most compelling villains in the MCU played fantastically by Michael B. Jordan who steals every scene he is in. He is an interesting antagonist because his cause is not necessarily wrong, it is his actions in accomplishing that goal that may be seen as too extreme. The same is true for Magneto when that character is written well and it is what has always made him my personal favourite comic book villain.

As I said, I struggle to find anything worth bringing up in criticism against the movie, but despite all that, I left the film thinking, “Yeah, that was good, moving on.” It just didn’t really resonate with me all that much. I love that it has been so important for so many people but it didn’t do too much for me.

The thing is, I think thats fine! I’m not black, I’m not American either and this film isn’t particularly relatable to me and honestly I’m glad. I think it would have cheapened the film if it tried to appeal to every demographic. I don’t really have a way of articulating it without sounding like a dick to be honest.

To sum up, Black Panther is great, it just isn’t a favourite of mine and I’m happy about that.

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