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Poorly Sara

So I just said out loud, “I don’t know what to write about today” and in response, Sara said “How Sara needs cuddles.”

I’ll be back. We’re popping out. Developing story.

So it’s now Thursday when I’m writing this but I’ll continue on as if it is later Tuesday night for consistency.

When we left off our heroes were figuring out their evening. Sara has been feeling unwell for a while and never really recovered from the flu that started kicking her ass about four weeks ago. The other day she had some blood in her cough up and has been feeling more and more dazed and out of it. She tried to get a GP appointment this morning with no success so they said she should go to the walk-in in town which is fairly close to her work. So she did that and after waiting an hour seeing someone, then another hour to see someone else they basically said she’s fine and wasting there time and needs to see a GP. They tried to get her an appointment but because of our catchment zone where we live, no dice. So the only solution was to wait until six this evening and call the out of hours number.

Thats what she was doing when I started writing this. She filled them in on all the details and whatnot and because they couldn’t really do anything and because Sara is asthmatic as well, they said for her to go to A&E just to be safe but that it is probably just a case of needing some antibiotics to shake the chest infection.

So thats what we did. We went, thankfully we only waited twenty mins or so before getting triaged. They said the same, which is what we expected, and referred her over to the hospitals twenty four hour emergency GP. Another half hour wait she got seen by a very nice doctor who agreed she had done the right thing and said its likely just a case of her violent cough causing some damage somewhere along the line hence the blood but otherwise she should be fine after a course of antibiotics.

So all is okay and despite still feeling crappy Sara is on the mend. Now to finish up Wednesdays post!

I actually forgot to take a picture of myself on Tuesday so instead here is part one in what I'm calling The Snow Saga

A mere crappy flurry today.

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