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Six Years Strong

So today is our six year anniversary… kinda. We actually got together on February 29th 2012 but since it’s not a leap year today counts. It’ll be fun a couple of years when we will have been together for eight years, married for nearly four and celebrating our second anniversary.

We went for a really nice meal at a pub a bit out of the way for us, we found it in a pub guide book and it looked nice though. I had a steak and it was bloody delicious.

So let me tell you a little bit about how Sara and I got together. I’m not going to go into back story here, maybe that will be next year, just the couple of days that relate.

February 26th 2012, Jon and I decide to go do the pub quiz at The Avondale in town. Sara was the assistant manager, I was the DJ, Jon was still drinking, I knew everyone there. I put a message out to all my friends say what we were doing and Sara took us up on the offer and joined us.

I was driving that night as I had work the next day and we didn’t think it would be a late night. During the quiz there was a participation round and each team was given £1 to buy the most random thing possible. One team came back with a parking ticket that expired at ten am the next day. I said fuck it I’ll have that thank you very much, popped it in my car and started going to down on some beers, playing catch up with Jon and Sara who had already had a couple.

After the quiz all the staff and regulars were heading to a club they frequented, a shit hole but open late on a Sunday night. So we go with, have more drinks, Sara and I are happily off in our own corner talking. Jon decided he wanted to go to the casino at one point and because he was hammered I thought I should probably supervise. She’d tell it differently and say I abandoned her in the middle of the club but my recollection was Sara telling me to go make sure he doesn’t die. That was my shot and I took it, I kissed Sara and said goodbye.

We went to the casino and I won a little money then got home. I did get my car in the morning and make it to work too. At some point during the day Sara came into the shop with some of our friends and we were chatting and stuff but it didn’t come up.

The next day again, so the 28th now, I’m DJing in Portsmouth but have an early finish, all the while I’m texting with Sara to see if anything is going on back in town. They were all going out to a local alternative club and she invited me along. I said I’d love to but would have to do something about my car. She offered me a temporary parking permit outside her (soon to be our) flat and that I could crash there that night as I didn’t have work on the 29th, leap day, what a great day. I was in and the rest is history…

There's a little story for you. See you tomorrow for day three of snow-pocolypse.

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