• James Hewlett

Snowy Pizza Thieves

It’s still super snowy today, we didn’t get too much overnight but everything that came down yesterday froze making it a nightmare clearing it all this morning. I wanted to call in but decided to attempt going to work. I actually got there without much hassle, the roads were clear, I think everyone avoided driving after last night.

In the end it took Sara four and a half hours to get home, for context it normally takes fifteen minutes when theres traffic. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our friend Wez and his brother Ross who live along side the made road out of town that was so jammed up. They couldn’t sit there doing nothing so they started walking up and down the road giving out cups of tea and biscuits to people and letting them charge their phones using his power brick. He found Sara and kept get company for a while and made sure she was alright. So much respect for that man. What a great guy.

When I got to work I heard some horror stories from yesterday. A couple of drivers who had been down in Bournemouth finished their last jobs at five but didn’t get back to unload until two in the morning due to being stuck on the A31. One of the over night crews that usually would be back about midnight were still out when I got to work at seven thirty this morning. I count myself lucky.

I normally go to Bournemouth on a Friday too so I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, thankfully because of all the runs off the road I was switched to going in the opposite direction and ended up having a really easy day.

I was waiting for Sara to get home last night before doing dinner and after a certain point just gave up. So this evening I thought fuck it, if anywhere is delivering, I’m getting a pizza. I checked a few different places who all were either closed or collection only and like fuck was I going back out. I settled for Pizza Go Go, not a favourite but they do the job and the website was taking orders. They had a warning saying that orders may take longer than usual which I was expecting and fine with. Well that was five hours ago… I don’t think its coming.

I actually gave up after two hours when I tried calling the store. I knew the roads weren’t too bad between here and there and I just wanted an ETA. The phone didn’t even ring. They clearly weren’t open despite taking my order and money!

I sent a very well worded, firm but not offensive, email to customer service and to the store and will be phoning them tomorrow to get my refund and compensatory freebies.

The snow has looked really nice, I’m glad its bought some good humanity out of people, it was really nice seeing lots of kids sledding on the hill near our house, but I’m ready for it to fuck off now I think. It’s March for christ sake. I’ve had barbecues in March, not snow!

See you tomorrow.

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