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EU Characters Without Closure

Okay so todays post is going to be super nerdy and Star Wars related, if you’re not into that you should probably leave. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Star Wars Rebels closes out this coming week and has been a great show. I’ll write about that later but it did such a good job to bring old Expanded Universe characters back into the canon it made me start thinking about other characters that ‘used to exist’ in the Star Wars universe but currently do not.

I decided to pick ten (and then I started writing more for each than I expected so I cut it down to six) important characters from the EU that (mostly) never got an on-screen/page death and have open potential if new Legends books were ever to be published. They won’t and shouldn’t be this is all purely hypothetical.

Kyle Katarn

Originally created for the Dark Forces video game, Kyle is kind of an amalgam character of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. He has a story quite typical for mid nineties EU, he was a decorated Stormtrooper officer in the Imperial Army before defecting to the Rebellion and eventually discovering his force wielding abilities. Through a series of video games that spanned a good length of time Kyle Katarn evolved from gun toting rebel to crazy powerful Jedi Master and one of Luke’s most trusted advisors. He helped train new generations along side Luke on Yavin 4 and during the Yuuzhan Long invasion was appointed to the council of the New Jedi Order.

Jania Solo

The character we all believed Daisy Ridley was playing before we knew anything about The Force Awakens. Jaina Solo was one of the twin children of Han and Liea born during Grand Admiral Thrawn’s campaign against the New Republic. Trained alongside her twin Jacen and their younger brother Anakin, Jania became a strong and fearless Jedi Knight and under the tutelage of her aunt Mara Jade an ace pilot to boot. Jaina served valiantly during the Long invasion even after the death of her younger brother and Jacen’s capture. She helped develop new squad tactics of X-Wing pilots and served in the famous Rogue Squadron. Decades later, after Jacen fell to the dark side, it was Jaina, the ‘Sword of the Jedi’ who was forced to stop him and slew him in combat. Jaina’s fate is unknown but we do know that her legacy continued on through the Fel bloodline and her ancestors ultimately became the new Emperor’s of the galaxy, only this time the Empire was not such an evil power.

Corran Horn

This former space cop from Han Solo and Wedge Antilles homeward of Corellia was the main protagonist in the first arc of X-Wing novels. A hotshot pilot who joins the recently reformed Rogue Squadron in the aftermath of ROTJ, Corran is instrumental in the liberation of Coruscant among other campaigns. Not immediately a good team player Corran must follow the guidance of squad leader Wedge Antilles in order to grow as a person. A troubled past and a lot of daddy issues have left Corran quite untrusting of a fellow pilot and because of this circumstances play out that lead to his incarceration on what is believed to be an Imperial installation. It is while escaping captivity that Corran discovers his true lineage is that of a Jedi and he starts to learn the ways of the force. Horn stays with Rogue Squadron for a time, despite Lukes offer of training among his first class of new pupils, but when his wife mysteriously vanishes Corran finally takes up Lukes suggestion and fully embraces becoming a Jedi Knight.

He plays a very prominent role among the Jedi throughout the rest of his life, eventually becoming a Jedi Master and an important and respected member of the Jedi Council.

Talon Karrde

Created by Tim Zahn in the iconic Thrawn Trilogy novels, Talon Karrde continued to be an important figure in the time of the New Republic and beyond. An enterprising businessman, Karrde was always skirting the line of legality with his operations and wasn’t afraid of playing both sides against the middle between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant. He was one of the top figures in the underworld of smuggling after the death of Jabba the Hutt. Karrde always had an eye for talent and was quick to hire and take Mara Jade under his wing. It was while under the employ of Talon Karrde that she first encountered Luke Skywalker and their destinies would be forever entwined.

Soontir Fel

Soontir Fel has one of the most complicated and ambiguous character arcs in all of the EU. He is Corellian born and Imperial Navy trained. He served as one of the Empires finest pilots and eventually led the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, a disreputable squad of washouts that he was able to turn around and form into one of the most fearsome TIE Interceptor squadrons in the galaxy. The sight of their iconic red stripe down the wings of their ships was enough to make a lot of Rebellion pilots panic and falter.

After being sent to die by a ruthless admiral, Fel defected and served in Rogue Squadron for some time along side his brother-in-law Wedge Antilles though neither knew of their relationship at the time. Soontir was recaptured by the Empire, now under the leadership of Thrawn and shown the threats that faced the galaxy from beyond the Unknown Regions. He agreed to serve Thrawn and be his envoy in the isolationist Chiss Ascendancy where he and his wife remained for most of the rest of their lives. That wasn’t the end of their story though. Their eldest son Jagged was sent to parlay with the New Republic during the Vong crisis and eventually developed a bond and then romantic relationship with Jaina Solo. The two were eventually married linking the Skywalker, Solo, Antilles and Fel families forever.

Cade Skywalker

To get to Cade Skywalker you need to jump ahead one hundred years after ROTJ. He is a direct descendant of Luke but there are unknown generations between Lukes son Ben and Cades father Kol. It is possible that there is no missing generations.

Cade was a troubled young man living a hard life of a smuggler and criminal during the time of the Second Imperial Civil War. He began life training as a Jedi with his father and was naturally very strong in the force, but after the massacre at his temple on Ossus Cade went into hiding and started using narcotics to dull his connection to the force. Despite this, when it was needed, visions of his ancestors, most notably Luke, started appearing to his and urged him to get his shit together. After revealing himself to the galaxy at large he was instrumental in the downfall of Sith Emperor Darth Krayt. His fate remains unknown after the galaxy was restored to some form of tentative peace but it appeared he was going to remain connected to the Jedi.

Holy shit, you made it this far!? Nerd! Hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to check out some old books, games, comics and what not. If you want recommendations give me a shout.

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