• James Hewlett


Today is Saras spring craft fair event at her bar. It’s not just the first time she has put on this kind of event but the first time she’s selling her art work in a public space, I’m really proud of her!

She has been able to fill the upstairs floor of the bar with sellers who have all bought their own, hand made bits and bobs to sell. Unfortunately she is also having to run the bar too so isn’t able to stay at her stall the whole time, thats why I’m here, keeping a keen eye on things while I write this!

She is in quite a fortunate position today; if she is able to sell some bits and bobs, great! She doesn’t have masses of confidence that she will but I think it will completely depend of the crowd that comes in. If there is some younger people who are interested in some pop culture inspired artwork then I think she could do well, but if it is mostly older people looking more for nicknacks then maybe not so much. In that case though it is still a successful day just as long as a few more people come into the bar than normally would on a Sunday afternoon.

Either way, I’m quite content sitting here, with a beer, people watching, and being a bit crafty myself. I don’t have the distractions of TV or video games while I’m here so I’m getting on with writing a fair bit.

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