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God Speed, Rebels.

Today was the season, series in fact, finale of Star Wars Rebels, the four season animated series set in the years before A New Hope. It followed The Clone Wars and was from the same core production team and featured a fair few call backs to that show.

I have really enjoyed the show and would recommend it to all Star Wars fans.

I was note taking throughout the final two episodes with the second being double length itself, so todays post is just going to be those notes. So excuse the format and enjoy.

The first episode of the multi part finale has a lot of cool Avengers like action scenes.

Hero moments for Sabine and Zeb that felt like they had stakes. Everyone expect Hera and Chopper felt like they might be going out in a blaze of glory. Ezra too kinda, because he obviously had big moments to end the show on.

Fan favourite supporting characters were bought back and given moments to shine.

Rex all but confirmed as the trooper from ROTJ with his outfit in these episodes.

The show has done a lot for the canon, bringing back old EU characters, reinterpreting others, fixing things that may have felt out of place by giving them more context and also not being afraid of creating large chunks of new mythology. Last weeks episodes changed up the lore of Star Wars far more than TLJ but because this is an animated show and doesn’t get as much mainstream publicity people aren’t up in arms about it, proving the vitriol against TLJ was mostly an internet feedback loop of hate and that most of the people kicking up a stink are not the die hard, book reading, kids show watching obsessive fans. And I say that as one of the latter but with no judgement on either side.

Thrawn was a genuinely threatening villain, the best the show had and that included Vader in season two.

Sabine’s loyalty to Ezra at a key moment when he had made a though decision was great. There relationship was handled really well throughout the show. There was a real love and admiration between the two without ever dipping into a romantic plot. I got the feeling that Kallus was aware of what was going on as well in that moment and helped with the distraction of Seb and Hera.

Hera has good development, she’s always been the mother figure of the group and since embracing the Rebellion at large and becoming a general has been the de-facto leader. Seeing her look her her squad for tactical advise was cool to see.

The Chimera has a cool paint job. Having Pellaeon introduced via a name check and voice message was a nice nod.

The Emperors holo chamber on The Chimera was interesting and will undoubtably be analysed in the days to come. His appearance too, especially after we saw him as the regular looking old Emperor last week.

The seductive nature was very reminiscent of the caves on Dagobah and Ahch To.

Death toll was very low, I expected it to started stacking up with the secondary characters. I probably shouldn’t have though, it is a kids show.

Were the force gateways the power to save people that Palpatine referred to with Anakin?

Seeing the Emperor’s crimson royal guard in action for the first time was great!

Hyperspace whale things were weird when they were first introduced but having them back at the end was kinda cool. We know there are big things like this in Solo so it’ll soon feel less weird.

Giving both Thrawn and Ezra ambiguous and a linked ending was a good way of doing it. Older/EU fans would have been mad if Thrawn had died and kids would have been upset if Ezra had. They way it went down it is completely up the interpretation. For now! It leaves it open for not only more Thrawn stories but my Rogue Squadron idea too!

The epilogue implied that Sabine not only took Ezra’s haircut but his old home too. She seemed to be looking after Lothal throughout the original trilogy while Hera was fighting with the Rebellion.

Okay, so Rex was on Endor.

Did Kanan knock up Hera before he died? The age seems to fit, even if the biology is a bit funky. Calling the kid Jacen (I’m just presuming that’s the spelling) was another nice nod to the EU.

The fact that Ahsoka is alive and well and seemingly on a mission to find Ezra with Sabine is great. I don’t mind in what format we get that story. I’m looking forward to it.

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