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I may have fallen down an expensive rabbit hole. I’ve been a big fan of Mondo posters out of Austin, Texas for years. They’re always great and I’ve always coveted some of the amazing pieces of art created for this poster collective/studio but I never had any official Mondo posters until very recently.

I have a good collection of nice, unique art pieces but it was when we were staying in Austin for a week back in 2014 that we increased our home gallery by quite a lot!

We hadn’t planned it at all and didn’t realise we were staying at the closest vacation apartments to the second annual MondoCon! I had known that Fantasticfest movie festival was on while we were there but it wasn’t until we were waiting for a cab outside to take us downtown and I noticed that Bryan Lee O’Malley was stood next to us waiting for a cab too. Mal is the creator of Scott Pilgrim, a favourite comic of mine and I’d been lucky enough to meet him a couple of different times in the past at SDCC and in London and had bought a couple of pages of art from him then and kept in correspondence with him via twitter. So when I said hey and he twigged who I was he presumed I was there for the show and asked if we were going to be about the next day.

I, not wanting to turn down the invite/seem out of the loop, said of course and then did some quick googling and felt like a fool when I found out what was going on literally a five minute walk away.

So that was the next day. We went to MondoCon II and had a great time. The official posters that were being featured were all from The Iron Giant, a film I enjoyed but never held a special place in my heart. I made a rule that I would only spend premium money on fancy posters if it was a property I had a real affinity for.

Inside the very small show hall though we found a bunch of art and artists we were interested in. It was in that small space that Sara’s fascination for screen printing was born, there were a few printers doing posters and shirts in person and the process just grabbed her instantly. She also got to chat to Mike Mignola and his wife for a good amount of time, it was pretty cool, Mike is the creator of Hellboy and while at uni, Sara did a placement for an effects house and worked on the second Hellboy movie. It was fun listening to him talk about his feeling for those movies after years of separation.

I ended up spending money on a few things from Mal, an amazing Jaws poster, a Lost print and a few others that honestly, I can’t even remember as they’ve been in a poster tube since as they’re awkward sizes and will need to be framed specially.

That was pretty much it for a while, we would both pick up things here and there and Sara is always creating new artwork of her own but I wasn’t until I happened to see that Mondo had an Empire Strikes Back poster coming out at the end of the week a few weeks ago that my interest piqued again. The poster was by Jock, a comic book artist I’ve liked for years and has done some great pieces for Mondo before. I set myself an alarm for that Friday as I knew they would sell out very quickly. Turns out that that means first few seconds of being available! I wasn’t quite expecting that. I was lucky enough to get one though and am eagerly awaiting its arrival in May.

So now that I had actually bought something from them directly I was in the system, I get alerts for all the new posters coming out now. It is a blessing and a curse but as long as I stick to my guns of only buying posters if they’re A, awesome and B, from a franchise I really love, I should be alright.

They did a ‘Nick Week’ last week and on Thursday the poster was Avatar: The Last Airbender. I did buy one of those. So yeah, thats two fairly closely together but I would be quite surprised if there is more than one or two more I’d be interested in the rest of this year.

When those two both arrive they’ll be getting framed and hung straight away! Along with another screen print I’ve had waiting to go up for ages. It was a ‘Sex Bob-omb’ band poster inspired by Scott Pilgrim. They were super limited and only sold at cons. I was lucky to get one of those years ago as well.

So out little art gallery of a house will soon have a couple of new additions and hopefully even more framed and hung up.

See you tomorrow.

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