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Hitting The Books

Waterstones in town burned down the other day, it was the smaller of the two stores we have in Southampton now that they had closed the basement with the awesome grand staircase, but it was still a sad sight to see. It inspired me to do a books related post today though, I haven’t done one in a while.

The reason I haven’t written much about any books this year is that I honestly haven’t really been reading much. It’s a big departure for me, since starting my current job just over three years ago I’ve been pretty hooked on audiobooks and between them and reading at home I have been getting through between twenty and thirty a year. I’ve got a pretty good structure to my day, I’ll listen to my podcasts in the morning and as soon as they’re done I’ll jump into my book for the rest of the day. The problem has been that from xmas until a couple of weeks ago I was using my audiobook time to catch up on a podcast I discovered (and previously wrote about) and a few of the shows that are normally seasonal decided to run year round so I haven’t had as much time in the van.

I have also been busy with other things after work when I used to sit and read for a little bit. I’ve been going out and exercising and I’ve also been playing more video games, I’m so hooked on Life is Strange at the moment, I’ve got one more chapter to finish of that so expect a write up soon.

I’m finally up to date with podcasts and have actually cut one or two out of my regular rotation to free up more time and am now able to listen to books again. Boy, have I missed it!

Predictably my first book of the year that I’m listening to currently is the novelisation of The Last Jedi. I’m a sucker for Star Wars books and the film novelisations are usually really good and add to the movie so I’m enjoying that.

I’ve got the next few lined up as well, last year I read and really loved The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, so after hearing a few recommendations from people and podcasters who also enjoyed that I decided to check out Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday, I’ll let you know what I think of it when I finish it. After that I’ll probably jump back into something fiction, I should read the next book in any number of series I’ve started and enjoyed but I think I’ll go for New York 2140 by Kim Stanley Robinson, it jumped off the shelf at me in a store a while back and looked really interesting.

I have been reading an old Star Wars book in bed, one that I missed back in the late nineties, but by the time I get up to bed I’m normally pretty tired and really comfy so I fall asleep pretty quick. I don’t really mind though, I would much rather fall asleep after reading a few pages of a book than staring at my phone for ages before drifting off, Sara is terrible for doing that if she doesn’t have a book on the go.

I love books, I’m glad to have gotten back to them. I’ll probably be reading less this year than the last couple, but I have a big stack to get through and am looking forward to making a dent.

What are you reading right now? If it’s nothing, remedy that! (This is where I would plug my audible referral code if I had one… maybe I should look into that.)


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