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Yesterday I mentioned that I listen to a lot of podcasts and a few weeks ago a friend started working for home and asked for some recommendations so I thought today I might roll off my podcast schedule and tell you a little bit about each one to try and get you to check them out.

So lets go through the week;

Monday - A couple of these drop over the weekend, mostly Sunday but they’re a part of my Monday listen.

First up is the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast, a comic book show where the hosts review the weeks books and have a lot of fun doing it. I’ve been listening to this show for so long it feels like listening to friends BS and even though I don’t read much in the way of comics, certainly not week to week at least, anymore, it is how I keep my toe in the water and hear about new stuff.

From there, during football season it is over to Around The NFL for their Sunday night flagship show going over all of the weeks games. Great show that also drops Wednesday and Friday (UK time) during season and slightly differently during the off season. Brilliant way of keeping up to date with all the news and football related goings on.

Half Hour Happy Hour is a light hearted show in which the hosts “sip some booze and spit some news” normally the sort of stuff you would find on the front page of reddit but sometimes they’ll hit a serious topic too. One of the hosts is Alex Albrecht who I used to watch on Diggnation and TRS back in the day.

Then daily during the week for about half the year is Star Wars Minute in which the hosts analyse, scrutinise and celebrate the Star Wars movies one minute at a time. I’ve been listening to this for years now, they’ve gone through all of the movies in release order and are up to Revenge of the Sith. Each week brings a different guest to join the two regular hosts and it is a lot of fun for the hardcore fan.

Tuesday - A relatively light day most of the time, daily stuff sure, and occasionally one or two of the less rigidly scheduled shows might drop but other than that it is a quiet day.

ID10T is one of the shows that can pop up at anytime, there is always at least one episode a week but often multiple. This is Chris Hardwick’s interview show formally known as Nerdist. He is a great interview and always has interesting people on. If it is someone I know I want to listen to it is normally played quite early but if any episode drops on a busy day with someone I’m either not familiar with or too bothered about it might get pushed but I’ll always check it out and more often than not be impressed.

SMODcast sometimes comes out on a Tuesday too, it’s not as regular now that Scott Mosier is living in France and I tend not to bother listening to episodes with just Kevin Smith or with another host but this week, after Kev’s health scare Mosier was back in LA and it was great fun listening to the two of them fuck around again. I used to listen to most of Kevin Smith’s podcasts but after a while they got kind of stale for me.

Wednesday - Pretty busy day on Wednesday, I rarely get past all my podcasts. First up always is the RT Podcast, Rooster Teeth’s flagship and longest running podcast. I’ve talked about RT and my enjoyment of it before so I don’t need to go into it again.

After that is another one of my longest subscribed shows SlashFilmCast the original podcast from SlashFilm.com, my movie news site of choice. They’ll go over what they’ve been watching, look at some of the weeks biggest news then do an in depth review of a recently released movie. It’s great and everyone who likes film should subscribe.

It doesn’t seem like a busy day but when you factor in Star Wars Minute, Around The NFL, normally ID10T and sometimes one I’ll mention for Thursday it does get pretty full.

Thursday - I start Thursday a lot like Wednesday with an RT related show, Dude Soup is the podcast from the Funhaus section of the company based in LA, it is a little less polished and a fair bit more heavy on video games which gives it its own charm and feel. They also have some bits that they do near the end of the show that are always entertaining.

Then I’ve got two shows that are kind of sister shows to each other and get shuffled in order of listening to depending on the topics. Fighting In The War Room is mostly a film and TV show but they also cover a broader range of pop culture and its effects in the wider world. It is one of the most well put together shows on my sub list and I love the four different view points and the respectful arguments/discussions that come up because of it. The hosts are all smarter than they give themselves credit for but I can relate to each of them on different levels. If you only check out one show from my list here, make it this one.

Storm of Spoilers is from one of the hosts of the previous pod and a frequent contributor to a lot of seasonal shows that I listen to. The three hosts here used to be a Game of Thrones podcast but in lieu of new episodes to talk about they’ve been on a prolonged “off season tour” where each week they’ve picked one property, be it a film, tv show, book series or any other franchises and they’ll do a deep dive on it. It is fascinating getting new takes on old properties and always entertaining. During GOT seasons the show is great counter programming to another show I’ll mention later also with Joanna Robinson hosting.

Friday - And then we get to the end of the week, Friday starts with a long one, Game Over Greggy from the guys at Kinda Funny. “Each and every week, three, sometimes four best friends gather round [this] table, each bringing a topic of discussion for your enjoyment.” The show normally runs between upwards of two and half hours and depending on if there is a guest of if the guys have been drinking can devolve into insanity.

Every other week is the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, I really enjoy the board game news site and their reviews are always funny and entertaining as well as informative. This show is just more of that basically. I like that these guys have a lot more personality than, well, pretty much every other board game site out there which aren’t doing the hobby many favours in terms of breaking negative stereotypes.

Then there are the shows I haven’t mentioned here, shows that either come out super infrequently or sporadicly or are seasonal and not currently running. I’ll just mention them here quickly;

A Cast of Kings a game of thrones recap and review show from Joanna Robinson and David Chen from SlashFilmCast.

Decoding Westworld same thing, same team, but about Westworld, surprisingly enough.

The Churn all about The Expanse, similar format as the last two but it’s an official podcast from the network so they get good guests but also don’t talk about anything negative.

Rogue Podron which I’ve done a whole post about before.

FEaB, Mike & Tom Eat Snacks, Republic City Dispatch, Internet Box are all pretty much dead or finished at this point but I stay subscribed just in case a new episode drops out of the blue.

Then theres the few that I listen to sometimes but am not subscribed to like The Kevin Rose Show and The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

I could probably do a, not even six, maybe three degrees of separation between almost every single podcast in my feed and I really enjoy that aspect of it. Weirdly enough SlashFilmCast seems to be the focal point. If I had a conspiracy wall with string attaching things they would definitely be at the centre. That sounds fun, maybe I’ll do that one day.

I find podcasts, way more than other forms of media, to be really personal, I think the list of shows someone listens to can tell you a lot about their personality and interests. I don’t know anyone that listens to a bunch regularly that has exactly the same playlist. I really love the format and am proud to have been a part of it for so long. I first started listening to podcasts before they were even called that I think and have been subscribed to many since about 2004. I like recommending shows to people but I also really like that my list of podcasts is mine.

I also can’t wait to start being a contributor to the format again, I loved doing 3 Legged Sofa fore a few years we did that but I’m even more excited about what I’ve got planned for Another Dead Rockstar. Stay tuned!

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