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Weekend Edition #15

I’ve been pretty happy with my output this week, I think I’ve had a solid week of posts.

For that reason, and because quite frankly we’ve not done a lot today I’m going to keep this update nice and short.

Sara was sound asleep still when I woke up this morning. I tried to drift back off but it wasn’t happening so I quietly got up and went and played the end of the first episode of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm and then some Battlefront 2 while Romes came in and made himself comfy next to me. It was about eleven thirty by the time Sara got up and we hung out for a bit before starting to get our Sunday roast together.

I found a really interesting recipe for spicy Brussel sprouts. It had fresh mint, coriander, lime juice, cayenne pepper, fresh chilli and weirdest of all, rice crispies in it! They came out pretty well, so we’ll definitely be doing them again. The rest of the roast turned out awesome as well, our Yorkshirere puddings were huge!

This evening we’ve finally dived back into Pandemic Legacy Season 2. We haven’t played it since November and had decided to play along month to month with the game, unfortunately February kind of got away from us so we’ve only just picked back up with the second game of that month. We smashed it this time though. I’ll be doing the story post for it later in the week.

I think we’re going to play March in a little bit, Sara is just on the phone to her mum at the moment.

I’m pretty lucky that my mum, for the last couple of years has been away for Mothers Day and hasn’t wanted anything more than an email for it. They’re in Rio at the moment visiting Paul’s son. They hadn’t had any contact for at least twenty years until last year and have been slowly rebuilding at completely lost relationship, theres too much to tell and it is not for me to say anyway, but I’m really happy for Paul. It’s really nice that they’ve been able to reconnect and this is the first time they’ve seen each other in person in a very long time. From the brief email back and forth I’ve had since they’ve been out there it sounds like they’ve had a nice time.

Thats going to be all for today. I’ve got one or two posts planned for the week and I’m hoping that I’ll be as proud of my stuff as I was this week. If not there should be at least one good one and that’ll be enough.

See you tomorrow.

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