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Spicy Face

Todays post is just going to be a short one. I got home from work and got comfy on the sofa with Sara for a little while and she dozed off while I finished watching Fastlane.

We made some delicious dinner this evening. I guess they were kind of naked tacos because it had everything we would normally put in tacos but we didn’t have any tortillas. Normally Sara would do the main dish and I’d sort out the side but today we switched it up. I seasoned and cooked up some awesome spiced shrimp and Sara made a really spicy fresh guacamole. Some how we both managed to get chilli on our fingers and Sara made the mistake of rubbing her eyes… it didn’t go to well. I only realised how bad it must it have been when I rubbed my nose and it felt like it was on fire. The food was nicely spicy but not crazy hot or anything so who knows what that was all about.

The rest of the night we’ve been playing Charterstone. We always make the mistake of thinking it is a fairly quick game but as we’ve gone on it has got a lot more elaborate and longer. Still loving that game though. We’re already planning on buying the ‘recharge pack’ and playing the whole campaign with the full six player count over one long day, possibly at the bar.

Thats todays post. Tomorrow will probably by Pandemic story, I’ll be working on it at least as Sara is at work. If it isn’t out it will be because I’m going longer with it. Hmm, we’ve got some plans this week. We’re actually being social. Weird.

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