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Pandemic - February, Game 2.

It has been a while since we played, we’re back on track now though so March’s report should be out soon. Spoilers on, now lets get into the story.

This is Vos. We failed. We were over run and had stretched ourselves too thin. Orin is young and eager but sometimes… sometimes he needs reminding what the task at hand it, he needs to stay focused. I can’t keep ignoring cities in need either.

That said we regrouped and went back out. We suffered a set back but it’s still February as far as we can tell, we can still get those supply centres up and connect more cities to the grid.

Orin wasted little time heading south from the Oasis haven and from São Paulo was able to travel across the continent and made contact with survivors in Lima. They don’t have much but they’re hanging on. Orin got a tip from an older man there that there used to be a research facility near Buenos Aires, he made his way down there to see if he could locate it.

I loaded up with all the supplies available at Sanctuary and went to Jacksonville. The survivors there have been doing well and I set up a temporary supply centre in the remains of an old sports stadium of sorts. There was already an encampment of people living there, led by an old man named Blake who the others all seemed to look to for leadership. As I left I saw a statue of a much younger man in a kind of armour throwing a ball. Intrigued, I cleared off the overgrowth from the plaque and saw the name Blake Bortles except someone had graffitied ‘WARBORTLES’ over it. Was the Blake who seemed to be in control this same guy? Was he some kind of warrior? I need to be sure to speak to him more next time I’m in the area.

Orin reported in, thanks to the tip off, on the outskirts of town he was able to locate the lab! Apparently it was known as OPAL. There was a few scientists and family members there. One of them, João, was not only willing to give us a lot of information but he actually travelled back to Oasis with Orin and wants to join our cause. On their way back they actually found a hidden supply cache in beached boat off the Falkland Isles.

It turns out João’s grandfather was apparently part of the team who were trying to prevent whatever it was that caused the downfall, he was an immunologist and trained João personally to continue on his work.

It turns out that the old leadership had been in contact with these labs until they disappeared after the summit. Since then the people at OPAL had stopped using their satellite broadcast towers since it was attracting the Hollow Men and they were losing too many people in raids. They know of at least three other labs out there somewhere, the primary was at Lake Baikal far to the east of where anyone from our grid has travelled in a long time. He didn’t know where the other labs were located though. It was a security measure.

In all the excitement a call for aid from London was missed and they had an outbreak of the plague.

I always knew Atlanta had been important in the old world. The old leaders would talk about it a lot. I had the opportunity to establish a supply line to the city from Jacksonville and I wasn’t going to pass it up, I couldn’t have got to Cairo in time to prevent the outbreak there anyway, at least thats what I tell myself in order to sleep at night.

Just as soon as Orin had left South America plague hit São Paulo, he did the right thing though, he was able to get supplies to all the cities connected in the Mediterranean.

I wanted to speak to this, Joāo for myself so I went Oasis and while there I helped in production of a healthy stock of supplies. A plan was being formed, we were coordinating information and decided to meet on the coastline of Africa.

Acre haven had a lot of supplies to spare so on his way down to Lagos Orin loaded up his outrigger with as much as he could. I set off to meet him but in transit I got word of an epidemic in Washington, thankfully they had been well supplied until then and the people were still healthy, for now. São Paulo couldn’t say the same, more people were getting sick as the plague spread.

I eventually made it to where Orin was waiting for me in Lagos, between the two of us we were able to get the supply centre up. We have to act fast to get the next one up. If we can, we should be able to get through the rest of the month. The Hollow Men are all over North America at the moment though, exhausting supplies everywhere. It wasn’t a surprise when Washington got hit with the plague and Chicago, are only connection to the mountains and potentially the west coast, reported symptoms as well. We need to get over there and help.

I told Orin about Blake in Jacksonville and I think the kid got his hopes up a little high. When he reported back that he had arrived he sounded a little disappointed that there wasn’t a brave warrior ruling over the stadium from a throne, just an old man with a big cat on his shirt. Regardless of his disappointment, Orin stocked the stadium up with a lot of supplies and helped ‘Warbortles’ fortify the stadium. Hopefully they’ll be safe from and raids the Hollow Men attempt.

Meanwhile I went north along the east coast and built the final supply centre we needed in New York.

We’ve made it through. São Paulo and Washington lost people in the plague but they managed to quarantine them early and are still mostly okay. As okay as any of us in this hard world at least.

Chicago, London and Cairo weren’t as quick to recognise the outbreaks though and are falling. If we let the people there suffer any more loss we risk losing those cities entirely. We have to protect them. Cairo and London are vital for getting in land into Europe and the Middle East and Chicago is our only link across North America until we can establish a better footing in Atlanta.

On the bright side, people are flocking to Jacksonville since hearing about the safe zone and we also have reports of more people arriving in New York and Lagos as well. Over all I think things are looking up.

Orin has actually started training people himself to help him better courier supplies around and thanks to my conversations with João I feel like I have a better understanding of the old world and can facilitate in the sharing of that knowledge with people.

March is right around the corner now. We have to keep getting these supply centres up and maybe we can start looking east too. Until I have more to report, this is Vos, from Sanctuary signing out.

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