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Party Time, Excellent

Last night we went out for Emma’s birthday, we don’t often go out and honestly I’m quite content not going out most of the time but every now and then it is nice. We had fun, it felt a little cramped at times at the first pub but it was to be expected with it being Paddy’s day and what not. It was a pleasant surprise that the live music that was on had a guy a vaguely know playing a double bass. He used to be a regular at the bar I DJ’d at Friday nights way back. I caught up with him and as the band was awesome put him in touch with Sara so they can play at her bar some time soon.

The party itself was a ‘games’ themed fancy dress shindig. That could be video games, board games, game related stuff, anything really.

I’m not a fan of dressing up usually but I had an easy some what copout costume to do, I simply put on my Plumtree t-shirt and went as Scott Pilgrim. Sure he’s a comic book character but he had a video game too, so I counted it.

Sara tried to bust out a costume she had about a decade ago, Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, but when she put it on it literally started falling apart around her so she ended up going with the Jedi costume she made a couple of years ago. It ended up being a blessing in disguise as the snow started up and it was fucking cold out. She was warm and toasty the whole time though, even when we were sat outside.

After they called last orders at the pub most of us went down the road to a bar with a later license and while there met up with George, his friend and his brother-in-law. We hung out with them and had a really fun time. The whole night was a lot of fun except just as we were getting home and despite the fact that I didn’t really even drink much and was by no means hammered my body just said nope and I needed to hurl. It was kind of out of know where, I guess it was because I’ve barely eaten anything this week. I felt fine afterward though.

Today was a different story, I woke up around seven because I needed a pee, I knew as soon as I woke that it was going to be a rough day, my foot was super inflamed and killing me. I’ll be honest, I thought it was going to be bad but I wasn’t going to not have beers and a good night last night. It was literally the worst thing I could have done for my foot though, it hadn’t fully recovered from the flare up earlier in the week and I just gave it all the worst crap.

I went back to bed hoping to get more sleep but pretty much just laid there in pain until we got up. Most of the rest of the day I’ve been drinking water and keeping my foot up, it is better but it still hurts like a mother fuck.

We went for a roast as neither of us wanted to cook, I was good, no red meat or alcohol. When we got home we learnt to play the Legend of Korra Probending Arena game that arrived yesterday, the rule book isn’t the best written in the world but the game is quite simple to get the hang of when you know what you’re doing. I’ll do a proper write up of it sometime soon when we’ve had a chance to play more.

We also watched the Lonely Island movie, Popstar, after hearing it was great but never remembering to watch it. It was really silly but very funny and enjoyable, just the sort of thing for a Sunday evening.

I really hope my foot is alright tomorrow. At least alright enough to put my boots on for work, if I can do that I think I can manage driving.

See ya later everybody.

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