• James Hewlett

Sick Day

I woke up this morning about an hour and a half before my alarm with massive pain in my foot. I got up to pee to see how it was walking on it and when I nearly ate shit down the stairs I decided to call it and phone in sick. Work were okay with it, one of the managers actually suffers from gout himself so I think they can appreciate how bad it can be.

I hate calling in sick, this is the first time I’ve had to at this job and I’ve been there over three years. I also feel crappy about it when I’m not ‘ill’ I’m just physically unable to work. I couldn’t even put a sock on today.

They phoned this afternoon to see how it was and if I thought I’d be in tomorrow, I said I thought I probably would but now I’m wondering if it was a mistake, my foot is still really painful. I’m going to see how it is in the morning.

Monday is Sara’s day off so she’s been great at being my nurse today, I’ve literally been sat on the sofa all day except for a couple of times we played a game at the table and the numerous times I had to pee. I’ve been drinking so much water to flush out my system that I’ve been pissing like a race horse.

So that is pretty much the entirety of my day, suuuuper exciting isn’t it? I bet you were on the edge of your seat reading this. Come back tomorrow, who knows what’ll be happening.

If I am still laid up though I’ll spend the time writing up a better post than this one. Promise.

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