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Package Problems and Chicken Dinners

Okay so today it’s going to be short and a bit of a rant.

I had a package due for delivery today, I’ve been eagerly awaiting it for a week, checking the tracking for it every day. So today they attempted a delivery but both me and Sara were at work, okay, no problem, they didn’t bother trying a neighbour who’s been at home all day which I think was a bit shit but whatever, the thing that really pissed me off is the fact that he didn’t even leave the missed delivery card!

When I got home I thought fuck it, I’ll chance it at the depot and see if I can pick it up. I know that they say next day but it’s late enough, maybe it’s got back. So I head up there and speak to the guy on the counter, what a cock. He asked for my name and address then wandered off only to come back with my parcel, “Great,” I thought. Yeah, that wasn’t so. I’m pretty sure he bought it out and showed me it to me just be a dick. So apparently because they didn’t put a card through my door they’re only able to arrange a redelivery. What a broken system.

The guy was pretty rude so I decided to phone customer services on my way home. The lady was very apologetic and helpful and confirmed my suspicion that while that is the policy, in circumstances like mine there is something he could have done.

Anyway, it’s coming on Saturday now.

On a much lighter note I decided to check out the newly released mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I’ve watched a bunch of PUBG videos online, mostly from Achievement Hunter and other Rooster Teeth related channels, but I’ve never played the game myself before. I keep meaning to check out the Xbox version but I’d heard mixed things.

I played my first game and got a feel for the controls, I was quite familiar with the game already but this was a completely different control system I got two kills before getting got myself, I was pretty surprised and happy that I even managed to do that much even though I finished eighty first. I enjoyed it though so I played another game. I jumped out fairly close to the centre of the map and hid in a well stocked building, I looted the local area and fought off a couple of people at they came close. There was a big gunfight happening in the building next door to mine so I laid low and had a shotgun trained on the door the whole time. I kept moving and staying in the safe zone and as it shrank I took out a couple more people, it got down to the last half a dozen people and there was an airdrop super close to where I had hunkered down. I really wanted to go for it but thought it might be foolish this close to end. After watching it for a minute or two I thought fuck it and to my amazement I got to it and away again without anyone even seeing me. By now the zone was super small and there was only four left. I had a gillie suit on so I stayed prone and started looking around for the final player left. It took a while but I stayed disciplined and didn’t move from my spot and eventually I spotted him coming toward me. I’m pretty sure he never saw me as I was able to pick him off in a couple of shots earning my first ever chicken dinner! I was shaking with excitement it was such a great feeling! I can see why the game is so addictive and popular. I can’t decide if I want to keep playing more or if I should just retire now and go out perfect!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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