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Pain and (video)Game

I was planning on writing up the narrative for our March game of Pandemic Legacy today but honestly my foot has been in so much pain that I can’t even think about doing that at the moment.

Going back to work on Wednesday was a mistake I think. I really should have just given in and taken as long as it needed to heal up. I’m really bored of being in constant pain now. At least last time it was this bad I was on my honeymoon having an amazing time and had Hawaii all around me as a distraction.

I’m hoping that it gets better over the weekend, if it doesn’t I’m definitely going to the doctors and getting some better meds for it. I’ve been reluctant to do that thus far as Jon was on them for so long and they kind of messed with his head. That and the fact that I have only been to the docs once since I was twelve and that one time wasn’t even a GP, it was at the ‘walk’ in and I had no idea what was going on with my foot… I’ll give you a hint.

I can’t just piss and moan and wallow in my own pained self pity, what else is going on. Oh, A Way Out was released today, I’ve been anticipating this video game since E3 last year and can’t wait to play it, I think we will on Sunday. It’s kind of had a subtle release so for those who don’t know it’s a completely obligatory co-op game through and through for two players. When they first announced that I thought, thats awesome but I’ll probably never play it for the same reason I’m not likely to play Sea of Thieves despite it looking amazing, I just don’t have any sort of group of friends that I play games online with. Then they said that the game would also feature full local co-op as well and I knew it was going to be a must buy. Sara and I love playing games together but get to so rarely as local co-op is a feature that just isn’t really that common place anymore. We’ve considered getting a second console and a small monitor just to be able to play more games together.

When we’ve played enough of A Way Out that I feel comfortable writing about it I will do!

The trophy for our fantasy football league arrived today. It’s taken longer than it should for us to get it sorted as I was holding out on one I’d seen but that was no longer available. We’ve kind of put one together ourselves this time instead. It’ll be up to Jack, the winner, to customise it however he sees fit but it’ll be pretty cool and hopefully will be back in this house after next season! I’m going to save the picture of that for when Jack is awarded it next Friday.

That’s going to do it for today. I’m going to watch Return of the Jedi or something I think.


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