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Getting Ahead

Last night I had to give up and go to bed because I was in so much pain. It fucking sucked, I couldn’t even focus on watching a movie. Today I’ve not been in too much passive pain, it still hurts when I walk/hobble around but I’m taking plenty of painkillers so I’m not feeling screaming pain just from being awake.

We’re off to see Pacific Rim Uprising tonight after Sara finishes work, actually we’re going to have a bit of a date night and go for dinner first, it’ll be late by the time we get home so I’ll save my review post for tomorrow.

I’ve not really left the sofa much today, but I have been busy. My package arrived and I was finally able to start putting together some of the Star Wars Legion minis. I think Sara is buying my the core box for my birthday but I picked up a couple of the initial expansions. I got everything primed and decided to do the airspeed first. It’s the first time I’ve ever painted a vehicle or something like this other than an actual model kit. It was a lot of fun! I’m not 100% happy with the base yet, but as the speeder itself is raised a good height off the base I can get back in there and tinker if I want to. It’ll probably need some touching up here and there when I’ve let it all completely dry and I start to spot bits that need it but mostly I’m really happy!

I’ve got a squad of rebel troopers waiting to be painted, but that’ll be next week sometime I think.

I’ve been looking for people playing in the area but as I’ve not really been going anywhere I haven’t checked any of the stores. I know Wez is excited about it though so at the very least I’ll be content playing games against him.

That’ll do it for today. Movie review coming tomorrow. Come back for that.

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