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Pacific Rim Uprising

Last night we went to see Pacific Rim Uprising, the long gestating sequel to the Guillermo Del Toro original from 2013.

I need to give a little preface as I can’t be totally impartial in talking about this film. I was anticipating the original as I thought it looked like big stupid fun, Sara didn’t really give a shit but was cool with coming to see it. We sat there, watched the whole thing and when we got out of the theatre and I asked what she thought she literally started bouncing with joy about how much she loved it. Since then we’ve watched it countless times, Sara has done a bunch of fan art and any mention of the film will get her humming the main theme from the flick. So yeah, it might not be the worlds greatest movie and I completely understand why some people think it sucks but in this house, Pacific Rim is great, we love it.

Uprising picks up ten years later in the story, only three members of the original cast return and none of the original creative team and the trailers were a really a mixed bag, some stuff looked really good and other moments looked pretty horrible and Transformers-esque. Due to this and the troubled time the film had getting to production I was going into this new film with tempered expectations.

I was really happy with a lot of the film most notably John Boyega who was charming as hell throughout as Jake Pentacost, the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first film. He carries the film in the lead roll and has a pretty good story. The writing in general isn’t going to win any awards, in fact it might actually be nominated for a Razzie because I’m sure people will hate on this film.

Pacific Rim Uprising is, even more so than the first, a big dumb action spectacle. If you don’t like the original you won’t like this and shouldn’t see it. If you do like the first one you’ll probably enjoy this one too.

The biggest differences between the two movies is that while GTD is great at world building he lacked a bit in the character department in the first film, this time around the characters are overall slightly better but there world is pretty underdeveloped

Most of my criticisms of the film come from a real nitpicking fan place so I won’t bother going into them.

I enjoyed the film but it wasn’t amazing. The first one will always hold a special place for us and honestly I’m just happy that this one doesn’t at all take anything away from it. I feared that it might, I’ve been thinking about doing a post about sequels that ruined the originals for me and I’m happy that this one won’t make the list.

Yeah I kind of ran out of steam on this post today. It’s pretty late and I’m quite tired.

See you tomorrow.

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