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For the first time since I was twelve I tried to get a doctors appointment today. My gout hasn’t subsided and I knew I really should finally get it checked out. I phoned the surgery for an appointment first thing and, as is the norm I’m told, they didn’t have anything so I got a phonemail triage call back from the doctor shortly after. I explained the situation and she agreed with what it was. I was proscribed some stronger anti-inflammatories that as used to treat gout and signed off work for two days but told to not aggravate it further if possible so it might be longer. She also recommended I come in for a blood test once this gout attack has subsided to check my uric acid levels and potentially do more to prevent further flare ups.

So yeah, I’ve got some pills to take twice a day, they don’t appear to have done much to help yet but I’m hoping over night it eases up, I’m so sick of limping now.

You might be wondering why I’ve not been to the doctors for over half my life? It’s not that I don’t get sick, it is more a case of when I do I just get on with it and fight through.

The other reason is that when I was twelve I went to the doctors for something, I can’t remember what but it was probably tonsillitis or something, this wasn’t long after my dad had died of a heart attack. This fucking guy had bedside manner enough to pretty much ignore whatever was ailing me and recommend a cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease test instead. Not what I wanted to hear at the time, ya know?! Both my mum and I were so offended and hurt that I never went back. I appreciate it might have been good advice and he was trying to help but come on, have a little tact.

Thankfully this time was much better.

So what have I been up to today then? Sara went into town with a friend from work to do some shopping and get some lunch, I’m sure I’ve bored her with my gouty woes even more than I’ve bored any of you who have been reading, so I just sat at the table and painted Star Wars Legion minis… for hours! I remembered what it’s like when you get in a flow and how time can just vanish. I thought it might have been because when I was painting minis as a kick I was usually stoned, but no, I don’t think thats what it was!

Sara got home and had a nap on the sofa while I finished up so I decided to cook dinner for us, I must say the enchiladas I made were pretty awesome.

Oh yeah, I didn’t shop off the fact that we framed and put up the Avatar poster from Mondo yet did I? It had pride of place on the wall above the sofa so you’ll probably see a lot of it in the background of my daily face photos.

It’s nearly the end of March already! That shit cray. I should write up that Pandemic game soon, maybe I will tomorrow.

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