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Pandemic Legacy - March

This is Vos from Sanctuary reporting in for the month of March in the year 2087, at least we think thats when it is.

Orin and I set out with high spirits this month, after suffering some setbacks early last month it ended up being really productive and I think we really have a shot at fixing all this.

We left our Havens and I immediately went south to Lagos, I knew the city was going to be important and it was in dire need of supplies. I couldn’t stand the thought of it falling to the plague so I took a bunch to the people there and left them with a message of hope. I then went to check in with our new friend, the immunologist João, at Oasis. I left some supplies there for Orin to pick up on his way back through.

He was currently in Atlanta searching for answers. A lot of rumours had been circulating in Jacksonville and the old man in charge, ‘Warbortles’, said something about some place called the CDC in Atlanta. The way Orin later told me it sounds like this CDC, which stood for Centre for Disease Control according to letterheads found there, was the place where the original outbreak seventy years ago came from.

I’m still trying to piece it all together though as growing up the older generation had always told us that ground zero was somewhere in Africa. I swear every time we get close to an answer three more questions get asked.

Anyway, among all the files Orin found a scrap of a map of central and eastern Europe. It’s the most inland we’ve known about in that direction. He was eager to explore but the rest of us managed to convince him to finish what he was doing in America first. He set up a good supply line to Los Angeles, we now have the west coast on the grid.

That was a good thing as shortly after Denver got hit with the plague. We need to protect the people there better, they’re more susceptible to illness as the oxygen is thinner up there.

I slowly made my way to the Mediterranean to start stocking up supplies in that region and while Orin was hard at work making supplies in Washington he had he newly established courier connections delivering them up and down the east coast. That kid is efficient!

Once I had made sure all our cities in the Med were stocked enough for the time being I went to see Mellesändre at Acre, it had been a while since we caught up face to face. She received a call from Orin while I was there and I could tell he wasn’t going to take no for an answer about heading into Europe this time. I made plans to meet him in London, said my goodbyes to everyone at Acre and was on my way, I had to take a quick diversion back to Tripoli first though as we got reports of a Hollow Men raid on their supply cache.

London was recovering well enough after a loss last month and really appreciated the supplies Orin bought with him when he arrived. Around that time old man Blake in Jacksonville reported in a supply epidemic, they were holding it together at the moment but were down to scraps. Apparently the Hollow Men are split across continents or else they have a much quicker way of travelling than we do.

Um, hi? So this is Orin, I guess Vos must have left his ‘field report’ here in London when he left. I’ll get it back to him when I next see him but I think he would want me to continue on for now at least. He calls this thing a report but reads more like a journal. That guy is cool, but sometimes I think he spends too much time with Malax at Sanctuary, now that guy, he has a stick up his butt.

Vos is really helpful out here though, it was like twenty minutes after he arrived on a boat direct from Tripoli that he had laid out plans and started erecting, heh heh, one of those prefab supply centres. He was straight on the horn to Mel too requesting a system wide production at all havens and supply centres. That should really help us out when as we have a bunch of cities on the grid in need. Denver reported a second outbreak of the plague in the early hours and Chicago is completely unprotected. I can’t let the hard work I put into connecting those people be wasted. I told them they would be safer in our network not worse off! I can’t think about that now though, Paris is calling to me.

I managed to traverse the long tunnel under the water all the way to France! What a feat of engineering! If we could build tunnels like that today, everywhere would be safe!

I eventually made it to Paris, the people there were pretty standoffish at first and directed me to the remnants of an old military base. I was amazed to find a fairly clear airstrip and even a few working light aircraft. I radioed through to the havens to get them to clear the old airstrips there too, getting between those places should be easier now.

I was searching through one of the old officers offices, thats a tongue twister, and found detailed relocation plans. I’ve kept them tucked away, they seem like they might be important latter.

Vos radioed through this evening, he was in America, heading toward Chicago and needed my help in getting there quickly. He managed to stock them up with supplies and even found a hidden cache in Washington. I hope it was put there by the Hollow Men, those bastards have taken enough from us, it’s time we started taking it back.

I lost a friend today. His name was Kip, he was one of the survivors at the stadium in Jacksonville. Somehow they had hit super hard with the plague, dozens of people were infected, they started isolating them in the upper sections of the stadium. I hope they’ll be okay… no. They will be okay, they have WARBORTLES leading them, that guy is awesome!

This is still Orin, incase you were wondering. I haven’t seen Vos in a while but I hear he went over to Africa and built a supply centre in Lagos, I’m not surprised, he’s always talking about that place. He’s convinced it is key to how this all started. I don’t really think about all that. Not even my parents knew the world before the havens. I’m all about looking forward and right now I’m looking forward to delivering these supplies to America and getting some Jacksonville set up with some prepackaged food and meds! I should really get down south soon though, São Paulo isn’t doing so well, they’re running thin and there are reports of people starting to get sick. Maybe I’ll meet up with Vos in Lagos and we can head down there together.

This is Vos, from Sanctuary. I’m here in Lagos and Orin just gave me my report book back. He said he continued to reports but for the life of me I can’t decipher his scrawls, hopefully this will be read by someone in the the future who can make sense of it. It was nice to catch up with the kid though, we shared information and stories while making the trip over to São Paulo. They needed supplies, so we built them a supply centre. It should keep them going for a little while.

March is almost over, it has been a successful month once again. I’m worried we’re getting to ahead of ourselves though, it feels like this all could come back to bite us at any moment.

Denver isn’t doing so well, they’re falling. If we don’t do something to rebuild the infrastructure there we’re going to lose them. Jacksonville took a hit this month, but Blake is keeping people motivated with a lot of encouraging speeches. He talked about getting knocked down a lot in his time but always managing to get back up and keep fighting. He must have really been a hero in his prime.

I am sure that Lagos is important. The supply centre I built there wasn’t just one of the prefabricated tents we use elsewhere, I took the time and effort to make this one more permanent, it should be able to withstand the Hollow Men raids from now on. The people in the local areas seem to appreciate it too and a flocking toward the city.

Mellesändre started directing refugees toward Cairo, there is plenty of space for people there now and no lingering signs of infection from last month. The population there is increasing as it also is here in São Paulo. London is bouncing back too, opening up that tunnel to Europe has made them feel less isolated on that little island of theres.

We still need answers and Orin wants to keep pushing east towards that Lake. I’m more concerned about finding the other labs we heard about last month. Hopefully April will shed some light our way.

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