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I was just going to write about A Way Out today but instead I decided to switch it up and write about playing video games with Sara in general. I was excited about A Way Out from its announcement because of the local co-op feature. Both of us love playing games but without buying a second TV and Xbox, paying for two gold accounts and buying two copies of every game, something I know a few friends and my brother has done, we don’t get to play many as local play isn’t in too many games these days. This week though we’ve started playing two games and it is a lot of fun.

A Way Out is a story heavy prison break game that you can’t play unless you are with a partner. You each take a character, Vincent or Leo, who are incarcerated but trying to get out. The two characters each have their own characteristics and that influenced how we played our characters. There are also certain moments in the game where you can choose to go with a plan from one or the other character, and the game will effect the other character in different ways, in one instance of this we went with Vincents plan, played by Sara. It turns out the Leo doesn’t do well with heights though so as we were crossing a precarious crossing my side of the screen got blurry and started swaying. It didn’t effect the game play too much but it was a really cleaver way to add a layer of immersion. I’m curious what would have happened to Sara’s side if we had gone with Leo’s more aggressive plan.

Every scene of the game so far has presented us with a different and unique gameplay challenge, we have to keep an eye out for each other and talk in real life in order to not get caught by the guards. I wish more games did this. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is an over emphasis on multiplayer games at the moment but this is different, not only does it promote a lot of good team work and communication but it also has a really good story to it itself. If you have someone to play through the game I highly recommend it.

The other game we’ve been a lot of together I don’t think I need to explain too much, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so I’m sure you’ve heard of Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds.

We’ve watched a bunch of gameplay videos of PUBG but neither of us have actually played before last week. It launched on mobile and I was super sceptical at first how that sort of game would translate. After playing a couple of games though and having a lot of fun doing so Sara jumped on board and we started playing duos. It’s super addictive. We’ve come second a couple of times but yet to get a duo chicken dinner, something I’ve managed a few times solo. It definitely helps having someone watch your back when going for airdrops and looting bodies but it is a lot easier to get pincered by a team who are very good.

I love playing games with my wife. I hope theres more announced at this years E3.

We just got back from seeing Ready Player One, I’ll write up my thoughts tomorrow!

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