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Fantasty League Owners Meeting

So last night did end up happening but minus the three out of towners, two we knew weren’t going to make it but Jack, the champ, went radio silent, he was heard from today so we know he’s alright, but hopefully nothing bad happened as we were having fun ribbing him last night.

We only ended up hitting four of the places on the list but it was fine, we all had a good time and enjoyed being social. We chatted shit, everyone else had a few beers, decisions about next fantasy season were made and an overall good time was had by all I think.

Sara’s arm isn’t dislocated, just badly bruised so she’s on a stick no heavy lifting policy for a while, we’ll see how that goes with work.

My gout seems to have mostly calmed down thanks to my pills, once it is fully settled I’ll get that blood test booked so they can decide where to go from there.

Yeah that’s pretty much the gist of it all, Sara and I played a few round of PUBG today before she had to go to work. Came really close to getting a chicken dinner but I got taken out by the last team standing and Sara was trapped behind a tree getting pincered by both of them. Next time.

Most of this afternoon we were both catnapped and forced to stay on the sofa, it was pretty cute, I'm not complaining.

I just finished up painting my first squad of Rebels for Star Wars Legion, I’ll see how they look in the week, I might dedicate a post to them if I’m happy with them.

Holy crap, it’s my birthday in a week!? So that means I’ve been doing this daily, without missing a day for almost six months now, cool! I don’t have any birthday plans. I’d thought about doing something but I kind of just want to hang out and not have to to be honest, I’ll see how it goes during the week. If anyone wants to by me anything though please feel free! Hah.

Yeah that’ll do it today. Hope you’re enjoying a nice long weekend like I am, I’ll see you back tomorrow.

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