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Six Months Down

We had a nice bank holiday today, after a few weeks of not really going anywhere we both were feeling the need for a ride out so I suggested a trip down to Poole.

I’m down that way for work most weeks but we rarely go down there to have a look around. To be fair we actually only went to two places before heading back but it was enough and got us out and about for a bit.

First stop was Molly’s Den, one of a few of there stores in the towns surrounding Southampton. It is basically a big warehouse thrift store and swap meet. It is full of rented stalls and spaces but run through a single point of sale. You never really know what you’re going to find when you go there but Sara is a fan of searching around. We found a few bits and pieces, some printing stuff and a few old bits and pieces of model kits that we’re going to kit bash apart and use on our AT-AT.

After that we went and checked out a board game and hobby store I had heard about. I was pleased to find they had a decent stock of Legion stuff and will be running events in the future. They also had a bunch of board games that took our interest. We also had a good look at all their hobby supplies but didn’t spend any money, I think we could quite easily spend a fair bit there in the future though.

We were both getting hungry at that point so didn’t bother heading into Bournemouth before heading back, we just went straight toward Christchurch and stopped off at James & White, a really nice place we like there that does great burgers. With satisfied bellies we came home and I played some more Far Cry 5 while Sara dozed.

Now she’s just mounting her latest prints while I write this and we watch a little TV. Both our phones need charging before we play much more PUBG, though I would be just as content getting a bit further along with A Way Out.

Back to work for four days tomorrow, I don’t have any time off around my birthday unfortunately but it is a big weekend for wrestling and I’m probably going to watch a lot of that!

Oh yeah, six months ago to the day I started this thing. Only three years and five days to go!

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