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Quick Hits #9

I feel like I had a really good idea for a post earlier today but now I can’t for the life of me think of what I was. I’m not even sure if I did, I normally would make at least a brief note that would remind me but I didn’t do that so it has me second guessing myself. Everyone has those moments right?

I have it sometimes where I cannot remember if something actually happened or if it happened in a dream and I’m only just remembering it. It can be frustrating at times but it is also kind of fun all at the same time.

I haven’t had and really interesting dreams lately. I’ve been playing so much PUBG with Sara and solo that I have had a few dreams in that game though, my suspicion is that it is because it is a game completely devoid of characters and story my mind is putting me in it to compensate.

I’d rather have dreams about the safe zone closing in around me while theres only two or three people left than dreams about the crazy religious cult I’m fighting off in Far Cry 5 though that’s for damn sure.

Goddammit I was hoping if I started rambling whatever it was I thought of earlier might come to me but I’ve got diddly squat. We’re just waiting on dinner at the moment, Sara has made a nice veggy mac’n’cheese. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m pretty hungry.

So it’s my birthday on Saturday. I’m not one to do much for my birthday normally, last year was my thirtieth so we did go out and have drinks and a fun night with our friends for that but I don’t normally do too much. We were thinking about what to do this year and for a little while I thought I might like to go out and about again and invite any friends who might care to join us but then again I’d be just as happy with having a nice lazy morning, maybe going for some lunchtime beers and tacos at Overdraft and then coming back and playing board games for the rest of the day before watching NXT Takeover at night. We’ll see what happens.

Dinners ready, see ya tomorrow!

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