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Hump Day Hits #1

I am well aware that my posts have been pretty crap and nothing this week, I want to do a proper post about the Rebel squad I’ve painted up and almost posted a picture of one completely finished mini today but I’m going to wait so I can show them all off and not bore you over multiple days. I picked up some cool goopy paint today that I’ve been putting on the bases to give them some really good looking texture, it takes a while to dry though so the only one I’m done with is the one I did as soon as I got home from work.

Since then I’ve pretty much just been playing Far Cry, running around Montana blowing up crazy cultists. The game is gorgeous. If you’ve played any of the Far Cry games since three you know what you’re getting here, it is just a little more refined and better looking in a new setting.

I started playing The Witness the other day when it became free on Games with Gold. Now that is a beautiful and unique game. It could so easily have been a simple puzzle game but making it first person and open world adds a whole extra level of complexity and intrigue to it. I’m really enjoying checking out all these indie games that I missed over the last few years.

Anyway, our grocery shopping should be arriving soon so I’m going to go and clear a bit of space so I can get to the front door when it arrives. Sara should be home soon too, she’s been in London for a training course and then to see the site she’s going to be covering at in a couple of weeks. It sounds cool. If she’s there over a weekend I’m definitely going to have to go check it out.

Catch ya later Bill & Ted.

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