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I'll do this tomorrow

Hey, so I know what I'm doing for todays post but I have a very content belly fully of tasty curry and sundries at the moment and really don't want to do anything productive. I'll sort this out tomorrow. Probably. It's my birthday though so I'm not promising anything.

Update on my birthday. I'm not going to do any more for this post, I got home from work, me and Sara went out to Romsey for a nice beer with the intension of coming home after. From there we went to Shirley for a nicer beer and as we were thinking of leaving there for curry and home Emma and Mitchell messaged asking what we were up to. Me decided to pick them up and check out the newest place to open up in town... it has a lot of potential but isn't quite there yet, hopefully they survive past the tough initial couple of months though and can shake the 'newly open sterile feeling' a lot of places have.

After that we did leave town and get an amazing curry, we then pretty much passed out on the sofa and eventually made it to bed.

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