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Wrestlings Season Finale

Tonight is WrestleMania, the biggest event in professional wrestling or sports entertainment as the WWE would rather you refer to it as. Every year tens of thousands of people descend on the host city for one big weekend of watching highly athletic men and women put on live improv predetermined fights for championships and massively over the top story lines. It’s great.

On Thursday I highlighted one particular storyline but today I want to talk about the format of the WWE story telling structure.

WrestleMania is kind of like the big season finale, most stories culminate here though some may be left with cliff-hangers. Some new stories might be started and there is almost always at least one big twist at some point during the night.

WWE is a twice weekly tv show and has been running consistently for over twenty five years with monthly big events. They are somewhere between a constantly airing soap opera and a seasonal drama. In the build up to ‘Mania they’ll spend weeks and months building up story lines, they claim that the Royal Rumble in January is the begging of the ‘Road to WrestleMania’ but in actual fact for a lot of the show the set ups begin much earlier.

A lot of the time the outcomes are predictable for the biggest show of the year, especially if you’ve been following along closely, but pro wrestling is anything but traditional story telling and so there are quite often twists and turns that might not seem like they make sense at the time. To be honest some times they never make sense, it was just a decision made somewhat on a whim by the creative team just before the match. Maybe they felt they were losing the crowds interest and needed to do something big to change it up and get them back involved. Other times it is the set up of a story that will pay off in the months to come.

If Sunday nights WrestleMania is the season finale then the Raw on Monday night afterwards is most certainly the season premiere. That episode of the flagship show is always lively. They crowd is still very international and diverse and they are lively and active from the night before. The product itself is always slightly different too, new people might be introduced, people who have been out with injuries often make their returns and big new stories get their start. It is always a lot of fun.

Tonight is the first time I’ll have watched ‘Mania with a big group, we’ve got a bit of a party at Sara’s bar. I normally either watch it at home or with my bro. I’m quite excited about having a livelier atmosphere, it won’t finish until about five am at the earliest and I have to get up for work at seven so I’ll need all the help I can get to stay awake.

I might go have a nap after I’ve eaten the roast that is just finishing up in the kitchen… later.

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