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Embarrassing Breakdown

Okay, so I’ve been home for hours and I’ve done precisely nothing except eat dinner. I’m really annoyed at myself to be honest as I had a few things I wanted to do this evening. I wanted to get to work painting some more of the miniatures from the Star Wars Legion box Sara got me for my birthday, I wanted to watch some of the TV shows I’m behind on, I wanted to play more Far Cry. I wanted to write a decent blog entry today, but no, I’ve done nothing.

I think it all went out the window when I broke down on my way home from work. Urgh, I’m such a fucking numpty. I knew my car needed fuel, it’s been telling me for days but I put it off as I had no other reason for going to tesco which is the only place vaguely local that it isn’t extortionately priced at the moment and means carrying on past home on my way home from work. I didn’t get any over the weekend as Sara was driving everywhere and like fuck was I stopping at stupid o’clock yesterday morning when every second longer I could be in bed was needed. So after work today I’m heading down towards tesco and *BEEEEEP* my car says error. I am able to continue on a short while as it reverts to the battery (i drive a hybrid) but as soon as I come to a slight incline I’ve drained the batter and am coasting to a stop. I chuck my hazards on and pull over onto the verge and immediately call Sara, hoping she hasn’t left for work yet.

She had but hadn’t got too far so she swings into a petrol station fills up a small jerry can and comes to my rescue. I feel like a fucking idiot already but I’m also concerned at how swishy the mud is I’ve had to pull onto.

Rightly so too it seems, I put the fuel in my car while talking to Sara and thanking her and then proceed to slowly start to rock my car out of the mud. It isn’t going anywhere at first but I then do get a little movement. Sara, bless her, is trying to give me a bit of a push but if anyone has ever tried to push a hybrid knows, they’re heavy. So instead I hop out and tell her to do what I’ve been doing, gently trying to give it a bit of gas and rock it out and when she does I’ll hop in hers and follow her to the lay-by a little way ahead. I was able to give it enough extra push to get it out and Sara fought her way into the busy road despite no one wanting to let her out. I followed in her car and we switched back. She went off to work and I went off to fill up and get her a nice bunch of flowers as a thank you, she doesn’t know that yet though.

I felt like a fucking idiot. That’s something that should happen to a seventeen year old, not at thirty one. But hey, at least I know exactly how far my car can go on reserves now, not that I’ll be letting it get close.

I’m so grateful that I have an awesome wife that doesn’t even hesitate when I’m in need, she was late for work but had let the others there know. She’s so awesome.

I didn’t even take a fucking picture of anything today, and I had prime opportunity. I’m calling a mulligan on today and hoping tomorrow will be better. Later.

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