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Wow, so what a day for family stuff. We were going out with my mum and Paul for dinner this evening as a belated birthday thing. On our way to them though Sara got an unfortunate call from her mum, her grandma passed away. She took it well, upset obviously but mostly for her mum. It’s a shitty situation for anyone. It hit her while we were out for dinner and probably will a few more times in the days to come. Thats why I’m here though.

Dinner was nice though, it was fun catching up with my mum and Paul. My mum actually got pretty drunk over the course of a few glasses of wine and was hilarious. It was a good distraction for Sara and really nice for me.

The other bit of family stuff today was a message I got from my brother. We’d had a really great long chat on Monday dissecting all the stuff from WrestleMania weekend. It was cool, it felt like we were really connecting again. Then today I got a long message that read by anyone else and even if I had taken it the wrong way would have come off as super insulting and down right rude. It read like very typical message from Jon as of late and really selfish. He is well aware of all his problems but doesn’t seem to be doing anything in order to help it out. He asks for help, begs for it even, but then doesn’t take anyones advice. Most of us have stopped trying. I came to the conclusion a while back that he is incapable of receiving help until he can begin to help himself. The catch is that he might need professional help to get that started. I was going to paste my response but I’m not going to because it wouldn’t make sense without the context of his original message.

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