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Game of Thrones Rewatch #0

Welcome to the first part of the great Game of Thrones rewatch recap.

We don’t know exactly when the finale season is coming back but if it is next spring as expected and my math is right, then if we started watching one episode a week from now on it should take us right up to the final season, roughly!

Obviously this is Game of Thrones and watching just one episode can be hard sometimes, but there is always going to be some weeks where we can’t find the time to watch one as well so it should balance out nicely!

I might not do one of these posts after each episode, if I’ve got a full slate of posts for that week I’ll probably just double up with some, but the plan is to do a little write up, briefly recapping key plot points and things that might be important going forward. If I can remember any thoughts or theories I had at the time I’ll mention them too.

It should be a fun look back at the show, if you wanted to watch along with us I’d love to get some discussion going and if you wanted to contribute to these recaps I’d be happy to include your thoughts too, just drop me a message!

So… I wrote this intro a while ago and intended to start the rewatch last weekend. Well that was WrestleMania so it didn’t happen. This weekend Sara is back in Southampton despite covering a site up in London this week, but she’s back because her bar is up for an award and the ceremony is tonight. So we’re already two weeks behind on our rewatch! Great start. We’re just going to start a little later knowing we can double up if we need to when they announce a return date.

I’m looking forward to always having something to post when it gets to Sunday evening and I haven’t thought of anything.

So consider this a prelude, get your DVDs or digital files together and watch episode one of season one this week and let me know if there is anything that stands out to you. I’d love to get other peoples feedback of the episodes to include in the post. Tweet at me @jhewlett with the hashtag #GOTRewatch and I’ll include it in the posts.

See you tomorrow.

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