• James Hewlett

Home Alone

It’s going to be a super brief post today, I’m just waiting for Sara to get home and then we’re shooting straight up to Salisbury for the Barenaked Ladies show which I’ll write about tomorrow.

It’s been a weird week this week with Sara working up in London. She’s been back a few times so it has really just been like a week that she’s busy, the biggest difference is that when I get tired and go to bed she doesn’t get home from work an hour or so later. It’s weird and I’m not a fan, haha, thankfully though she’s going to be home tonight before heading back tomorrow morning, then she’ll be there over night Thursday and on Friday I’m going up to see the pub and meet her near the end of the night. She’s off the weekend but we’re going to hang out and do some London stuff on Saturday before coming back fairly early so she’s well rested for the 10k she’s running on Sunday! I’ve told her already that if she even makes it out of bed on her day off on Monday I’ll be super impressed.

That’s it for today. God damn its nice out, finally feels like spring! I should sort the garden out really it’s a bit of a state….

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