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Sorry for the delayed post, we were pretty pooped when we got home yesterday.

So yeah, Friday night I drove up to London to meet Sara at the pub she’s been covering this week and have a fun day out on Saturday.

I made it up there in pretty good time and parked up at the other pub the company owns in the general area. That was where they were putting her up, there was an apartment above that she had use of.

I hopped in an uber to where she was working as I was confident that I would get lost if I tried to find it on my own.

It’s a really nice site, it’s just a shame that it’s in (what I would consider) central London.

On Saturday we both fancied some tasty breakfast and there was a Breakfast Club close by, we’ve been to the one in Shoreditch a few times and always really enjoyed it so despite there being about a twenty minute wait for a table we decided that nice big pancakes, crispy bacon and maple syrup was exactly what we wanted.

While we were there we started to figure out what we wanted to do with our day; Sara had found a fun looking put-put place on our way out of London so we knew we wanted to do that later but otherwise we were agenda-less.

I had heard that one of our favourite food discoveries from last year, Buns n Buns, had opened a proper shop in Covent Garden as opposed to the small delivery-only place they had in the docklands. We were dead-set on having that for lunch even though neither of us were hungry after our awesome breakfast.

Based on that we headed in that direction, there’s a good board game shop in the area and we wanted to see if anything caught our eye in FP too.

We ended up picking up a new game that neither of us knew about but looked fun in the first stop and Sara bought a new signed book and I got a Donald Glover action figure in FP. We’re very easily pleased.

After that we headed towards Covent Garden proper via a cool art supply shop that had a lot of bits and bobs that interested Sara.

Unfortunately after some walking around looking and eventually asking at the info desk it turns out that the company didn’t actually open a Buns n Buns but a bit more of a traditional restaurant instead. A few places do this, Pitt Cue comes to mind. It looked nice and I’m sure it was good but it wasn’t what we fancied and neither of us were all that hungry so instead we went for a nice drink at the newest BrewDog bar and started heading back to the car. Time had flown much quicker than we thought and we were both starting to get a bit tired, Sara especially as she hasn’t really stopped for the past week and a half and has a 10k to run Sunday!

We made it back to the car and started heading out of town, pretty much as soon as we did it started to rain and because we were feeling tired already we decided to pass on put-put and just head home.

Despite not actually doing too much of what we thought we would we still had a nice day, it was chilled out and I think that’s exactly what we wanted.

It’s actually Sunday while I write this and Sara is running her race, I’ll post another update later about that. See you then.

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