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Westworld is back! Man I love this show, it’s really strange though, I don’t consider it to be my absolute favourite thing on TV or anything like that, but I do think it is technically better than most of it’s peers. It is a very smart show and the creators are very keenly aware of that fact.

It probably rubs a lot of people the wrong way how they play with audience expectations and preconceived notions but it is that guessing game that makes me love the show more.

I believe that this is absolutely the type of show that benefits mostly from the week to week watching, not the binge mode we’re all so used to in these days of Netflix and Prime.

Part of the reason for that is the speculation and conversation that comes up around each episode. We are given just enough information to keep us guessing and theorising and I love the discussions that those details spark. Sara and I will talk about what we think is going on and where the story is heading between episodes and I love hearing talk about the show on different podcasts, particularly Decoding Westworld. The subreddits and other places online are good too but the communities there can be a bit much sometimes.

Overall, like no other show since, the Westworld cultural conversation reminds me so much of Lost. That is a big, big plus for me.

I need to rewatch the first episode of this season before I start forming any real thoughts. It’s too early to know exactly what is going on yet.

We are clearly going to be dealing with at least two major timelines again, probably three as we know Jimmi Simpson is back this season too, possibly even four depending on how often we see Delores talking with what I’m assuming is Arnold and not Bernard. That is a lot, too much for some people understandably, but the fact that you really have to do some mental work to really line up everything in the show is one of the things that keeps it so interesting for me.

I only have a few other brief observations about the episode and then I’m going to go and watch it again;

I’m curious to know who, if anyone, knows that Bernard is in fact a host. In the timeline immediately following the season one finale it doesn’t appear that Charlotte knows and two weeks later when he is discovered by the security team and Hobbs I’m not sure who knows what.

Delores seems to have fully given into her Wyatt personality, I think that was Ford’s trigger for his final narrative. Has she really gone from being the protagonist of season one to the antagonist of season two? That would be really interesting.

It would appear that Westworld and presumably the other Delos parks are on an island in the South China Sea. Cool, it doesn’t really matter where it is, I think this detail is in there just to show people that A, they shouldn’t worry about theorising about where it was and B, the hosts could potentially escape into the rest of the world.

Right, I’m going to go watch the episode again. I’ll see you tomorrow for some board game talk before I go see Avengers!

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