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Avengers Infinity War

So, Avengers Infinity War… woah. I’m going to give some brief spoiler-free thoughts first but I can’t really go into much without spoiling anything so after the picture will be completely read-at-your-own-risk. Please don’t read until you’ve seen the movie though, it really does benefit from going in as blind as poss.

I really enjoyed the movie. It is pure spectacle on the grandest scale. The interplay between all the characters is fantastic; there are pair ups we’ve seen grow and continue be be charming, there are new team ups we’ve been jonesing for, reunions of people who haven’t been together in some time and there are random ones too with characters you’d never think to put together and they all somehow work!

The movie is long but it moves at a real clip and is never boring. Sure, there are scenes an elements of plot lines that don’t work as well as others but with a movie of this scope it is to be expected and really doesn’t hold the overall product back much at all and before you know it, you’re on to the next scene.

It amazed me that pretty much everyone in the movie had something to do and enough screen time to justify them being there.

Okay so we’re in full spoiler zone now. Last chance.

Holy shit! So going in I predicted that the big three, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, would bite the bullet and possibly a few of the minor characters would also die and the film would end with the cliffhanger of Thanos getting all the stones together.

Boy was I wrong! Those three were some of the only fuckers left alive at the end. I’ll say right now that I do think it’s pretty clear that absolutely everyone who got blinked out of existence at the end due to the infinity gauntlet are fair came to come back in the next Avengers movie a year from now. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if all of them do in fact. I do hope though that the other deaths throughout the movie, Loki, Gammora, Vision, etc, stick. I think it is important to the overall story that their deaths mean something.

I also believe that at least a few of our currently alive Avengers will make a self sacrifice in order to save everyone else. Cap is the most likely option here.

Thanos’ henchmen were mostly generic bad guys. The designs were all cool, I believe they stayed true to their comic book counterparts but they were introduced after I stopped reading Marvel books so don’t know for sure. The standout from them though was the mouthy one, he was fantastic.

Overall the plot was really quite simplistic, especially for such a huge movie, but it works to its favour and prevents it from feeling too bloated and complex.

I’m going to be seeing the film again on Monday as Sara is eager to see it, if I have any other specific thoughts after that viewing I’ll write them up but I’m less than a day removed at this point and still have a lot to chew on. For now though I’m going to leave it there.

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