• James Hewlett

Weekend Edition #16

I’m not going to lie, I’ve got nothing today. I really haven’t done a whole lot either so it’s not even like I can make describing my day all that interesting. But I’m going to do it anyway.

Sara was home after work last night so waking up next to her was really nice, it’s been a tough couple of weeks with her being away so much. I can’t wait for our holiday next month.

I still didn’t get to spend much time with her though as by the time we woke up she had to get ready and go to work again, so I sat in bed and played a round of PUBG on my phone… got a chicken dinner, no big deal. It was a weird round actually, a fair number of people got the drop on me but I managed to counter and shoot them without taking much damage, I ended with ten kills over all, the first six all coming in quick succession and the other four being all of my surviving competition at the end.

When I eventually got up I came down stairs and painted the squad of rebels I’ve been working on from Legion. I’ve only got one more squad left to paint. I’m really eager to actually play the game now too. I think Wez and I are going to check out a place in town next Friday so that should be good.

I played a bunch of Far Cry, did some dishes, made myself some lunch and watched the third round of the NFL draft. After that I was about to move the minis over to a shelf when I thought, “Ooh I’ll just touch up this one bit.” That led to an hour or so of painting some more, but I do think they’re finished now.

That is literally it. That has been my entire day. I wish I had something more interesting to write about but I don’t want to spend too long on this today (not that I’ve got anything better to do!) so I’ll leave it there. I’ll try and do something a bit better for tomorrows post. If Sara and I have time to play this months session of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 I’ll write that up.

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