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Coming Attractions

Howdy! Another day of not a lot today, only difference is I got to spend most of it with Sara as she didn’t start work until four. We had a nice roast at the pub because we’ve got jack all in at the moment, really need to do a shop this week. We then caught up on a couple of shows before she had to get ready and go. New Girl and The Expanse have both been great so far this season.

It’s been nice having a relaxed weekend after a busy one last week. I’ve got a few fun things coming up in the next couple of weeks too so having basically one doing nothing is fine.

This Thursday is the Beavertown tap takeover at the bar. I was originally meant to be Doing it but because there is some big football game on or something it was decided to not bother having me play either over it or after. As much fun as it would have been, it is also a bit of a relief. I had nothing planned for it and as I still would have been at work and have work the next day it would have felt like a bit more of an added stress. Now I can just go and enjoy the delicious beers and not worry about working too.

On Friday Wez and I are going to go find a place that is running Star Wars Legion games and play some of that before heading back to the pub again to see whats going on for their May 4th fun. Very Star Wars heavy day, oh what a shame, ha!

Then I have a three day weekend thanks to the bank holiday. We’re waiting to see what Sara is working before making plans but if the weather is nice and we get the garden sorted I’m thinking maybe a barbecue might be good.

I actually only have a three day week that week as I’m off on the Friday as Pete got tickets for a wrestling show up in London and I wouldn’t have been able to make it after work so I booked the day off. I might see if I can get an appointment for the blood test the doctors wanted to do regarding my gout for that morning, would be silly to waste a day elsewhere.

From then it’s only a week until we go to Marrakech! So yeah, fun stuff coming up. Time fucking flies by.

That’s this week in the books kids. I’ll be back here tomorrow as always. See you then.

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