• James Hewlett

Doesn't Look Like Anything To Me

I had a weird dream last night, I had to make some notes about it when I woke up because I didn’t want to forget it. When I remember my dreams it is more feelings and vague scenes rather than fully everything. Most of the time at least.

So in my dream Sara and I were at a convention, I’m pretty sure it was RTX but there was nothing Rooster Teethy or even conventiony about it other than being in a big room with lots of other people. It was also kind of like a music festival but it didn’t have that feel to it. The only reason I say that is I think we were watching Foo Fighters.

I remember feeling that we should be finishing up soon and that it was getting late but saying fuck it and carrying on until it finished.

Next thing I know we’re heading down the street in what my dream mind was telling me was Toronto but imagery wise looked more like San Fransisco, it was early morning and we were heading back to where we were staying. That place happened to share the name of the Riad we’re staying at in Marrakech in a few weeks and was above a very Moroccan looking shop but I couldn’t tell you what it looked like in the actual place.

I know that in my dream it was about seven am already and that I was saying to Sara that if it was a regular day I would just power through but that I really should try to go to sleep as I have work in the morning. The irony is that in reality if I was going to work I would already be up and either getting ready or already on my way.

I woke up feeling more tired than I would have normally because I was shattered in my dream. It was a really strange sensation. I quickly woke up when I hopped in the shower at least.

Weird one that, but a bit of fun. We just watched Westworld and are now about to head out for burgers before seeing Infinity War. I’ll catch you tomorrow.

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