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Sorry for the crappy post again today. Just not really feeling it. Some stuff about Jon has got me feeling a bit down and I don't really feel like writing about it. I'm alright though.

Positive note, this fun book arrived today. I'm looking forward to getting my Star Wars super nerd on and reading through it. I also had a new Legion unit arrive but it was a Spanish edition so all the relevant cards and what not were un useable. I've already reboxed it and send it back. Pain in butt, but not the end of the world as I wouldn't have been doing anything with it until I finish up the troopers I'm working on at the moment.

Urgh, I just looked at our poor fish tank... it really needs a proper deep clean out. That's very much a two person job though to get it right. Hopefully they can hang on until Sunday.

Oh yeah, we also had the next big fancy screen print poster we'd ordered arrive today. This was a Rooster Teeth one, they did a limited edition for their fifteenth anniversary. I'm looking forward to getting the frame and getting it up but I'm going to wait until our Empire Strike Back Mondo poster arrives or is at least shipped before ordering the frames as they're not cheap but ordering multiple of the same size reduces the price. Once it is all here I'll do a post showing off our fancy pants art.

There we go, thats enough for today. I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully I'll have something better for you then.

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