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I’m writing this early, before going and getting beers, but I want to talk about those beers, but I haven’t yet had these delicious beers. Beers.

Today is the Beavertown tap takeover at Sara’s bar. For those who don’t know Beavertown is a London based craft beer brewery most well known for Gamma Ray and Neck Oil, both are really nice but it is there more special and limited beers that really excite me from them. Bloody ‘Ell is a blood orange IPA and is so so good. They only brew it during the summer and over the past few years I’ve watched it become harder and harder to find and more people discover it and it sells out everywhere super fast. Luckily they have a couple of barrels of it available tonight along with the previous two I’ve mentioned and Lupuloid, a very fruity IPA.

Joining them are a couple of collaborations they’ve done with other cool breweries and I haven’t tried any of them yet. Finally Invented Something That Works! Is a collaboration with Cloudwater from Manchester. They are one of my favourite breweries in the world, I’ve never had a beer I don’t like from them. This is the weakest thing of theirs I think I’ve ever seen at just 3% but it is a gose, a sour, with grapefruit, orange, lime and lemon. I’m really curious to check it out. I do like a sour beer now and then. The other joint effort is with Northern Monk Brew Co and is called Why-O Must I Cryo. It sounds interesting, it’s another IPA but it is brewed with both hop flowers and pellets and cryo powder. To my knowledge this is the first beer I’ll have had done that way. The final special is one of Beavertown’s brewers series limited editions, Praline, a Belgian brown porter. I don’t normally go for something so dark but every now and then a porter is quite nice. I know this is raved about and sold out very quick when my favourite beer shop had some in so I will definitely be giving it a try along with all the others.

Sara and the team there have been working hard all day getting prepped for the event. As of writing this they have apparently just got it all sorted, which is good news because it is scheduled to start in five minutes. I’m going to head in in a little bit, I still have work tomorrow so I’m not going to be going crazy with it, being there for four or five hours is one thing but being there for seven is a bit much.

Oh, quick update to yesterdays post. We played PUBG in squad mode with Sam and James last night and absolutely killed it! Two for two getting chicken dinners and I think I personally got fourteen and thirteen kills respectively. I’m sure it was where we were ranked up against other people who were fairly new to the game and we all had experience, just not in squad mode, but it did feel great just running and gunning in a game that usually requires more poise, stealth and precision. I went in with the mentality that with four of us watching each others backs if one happened to go down someone could pick them up while the other two cover. It barely needed to happen though as we were just dominant. I look forward to playing again but I’m not looking forward to when we inevitably start losing games too.

That’ll do it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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