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Lazy Productivity

I've had a lovely, lazily productive day today. Sara and I didn't get out of bed until twelve, came downstairs and hung out watching a bit of TV, we've finally had a chance to start the current season of All Or Nothing on Prime Video. It's such a good NFL documentary series and Sara was even more excited about this season as it is following the Cowboys.

We had the back doors wide open the whole time as it has been such a nice day out today. It is due to last the weekend too so we made plans to get the garden into tip top summer condition together when she's off tomorrow so that we can enjoy it and maybe have people round for a barbecue on Monday as we're both off. I got a jump start on the clean up by mowing the lawn this afternoon, though that was almost a nonstarter as without thinking I went to the cupboard and got the vacuum cleaner out before realising that probably wouldn't cut it... getit?

Back to earlier before Sara went to work, after a couple of episodes we decided that we should do something productive and the poor fish tank was in desperate need of a good clean out due to all the sunshine that has been hitting it recently. First we needed to do the stacks of dishes that had build up so we could have some space in the kitchen. We did that and then sorted the fish out. It looks great again in there now and the couple of fish in there seem much happier. I don't know how one of them is still going, it is about four and a half years old, has a completely crooked tail, lost all of its colour, yet still swims around like crazy.

By this point time was marching on and Sara was going to have to start thinking about getting ready for work. We had some lunch and she got herself set. It has been such a nice day I'm sure going to work was the last thing she wanted to do but at least we've got a couple of days off together after today. I'm really looking forward to that.

Since then I've played some Far Cry, painted some minis and am now just chilling out and watching some movies. That's what I mean by lazily productive, we've done some stuff that needed doing, but it has all been at our own leisure. I think just having it be so nice out helps a lot. It's about damn time. Hopefully we get more than just a weekend of it.

I'll see you tomorrow.

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