• James Hewlett

Painting Completed

I finished painting up the last Rebel mini I have so far so I thought I'd show them off a little. The lighting is pretty shitty so you can't see some of them particularly well but I'm rather pleased with how well I've progressed. Only thing I have left to do is basing one of the squads.

Other than that we did some sensible stuff this morning like paying bills and booking our airport parking. This time next week we'll be in Marrakech, we'll have been there overnight already in fact!

Sara was feeling quite sick this morning, it's typical that it is on one of the few Sunday's she has to work.

I jokingly asked if she was pregnant, but just for the historical nature of this blog I thought I'd mention that because, hey, who knows.

That was a weird juxtaposition for a post huh? See ya tomorrow!

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