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Procrastination Quick Hits

I've been putting off writing todays post all evening, I thought about writing about the birthday present I've got for Sara that I picked up today but don't want to spoilt the surprise in case she reads this.

I also thought about writing about this weeks episode of Westworld as it was fucking great and gave me even more 'Lost' vibes than usual. I really love this show for the same reasons I loved Lost, instead of writing about it myself I'm just listening to as many podcasts as I can about it.

I also realised that last week I should have been a bit more culturally relevant and written my take on This Is America. I don't have anything to add to the conversation now that hasn't already been said other than aside from all the imagery within the video, the actual framing of it and location reminded me a lot of the first Gambino video I ever saw, Freaks & Geeks.

Watching the two back to back is so fun, they're diametrically opposed to each other and really show how Donald Glover has matured into one of the most important voices in the world.

Oh, I finished Far Cry 5 while putting off writing this post... Wow! That was an unexpected ending, I love it. I've done most of the clean up of side missions, the ones I've got left to do I don't really have an urge to finish off so I might move on to something else or back to another game soon.

So The Expanse has been cancelled by SyFy and I'm really really disappointed about that. I really enjoy the show, I adore the books, but the show is good and has got better and better to the point where this season it hasn't missed a beat once. If they are able to get to the end of book three this season there is at least some kind of ending, albeit an open one, that if the show did end on it wouldn't be a complete disaster but it would leave a lot of potentially great TV out there. Fingers crossed that the mass campaign for Amazon, who deal with US streaming of the show or Netflix, who do international, to pick it up pays off. I think Amazon is the last best hope.

At least the novels and brilliantly performed audiobooks will always be there and will actually tell a complete story when they wrap up next year, unlike many other unfinished series.

Sara is at her companies annual work party and I think her phone is dead. I was staying up to pick her up if needed but if I haven't heard anything by midnight I'm calling it.

It doesn't feel like we're going on holiday in a few days time. It never really does to me anymore unless I'm crossing the Atlantic, I don't know why that is. It's not like I'm not excited when we travel slightly more locally, I always am and I have a great time. This time last year we were in Croatia and it was amazing. I think it is just one of those symptoms of A, being an adult and B, being pretty well travelled that the pre-holiday buzzing feeling doesn't come up as much. I am really looking forward to going somewhere totally different though and the adventure that that will bring! I don't know what I'm going to do blog wise as we won't have any data service. There may be wifi at the riad we're staying at but I probably won't be posting daily. What I will try to do is write up a bit about each day as a separate note and then post them all when I get home and back date them, that makes the most sense.

I also have plans for a separate page on the site anyway with stuff about my travels, but thats for another day.

Ya know what, for a blog post that started out as nothing I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. Catch ya tomorrow.

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