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The Great Expansion

I'm being somewhat lazy with today's post. I started writing another one but decided to go with this. That half finished post will end up being tomorrows.

Today's is just a repost of the 'league story' for our fantasy football league this year. It is just a little something that sits on the front page of the fantasy site that adds a little flavour to the league. Most of us are eager to get it started so this is just a way of tying us over for a week or so.

With new leagues looming ever closer on the horizon The XFL Reborn tries to set itself apart in its second year. "There will be no sophomore slump!" Declared the collective ownership, all of whom returned to the field of battle to wage war on each other once again. And with that in mind the group of eight became a gaggle of ten for the first time in this, or the predecessor league.The new additions could not be more different, Emma, a fantasy football and NFL in general rookie looks to make a splash and silence any critics. Mostly she just wants to be involved in the endless shittalking, and lets face it, she'll probably do better than Kez did.

Bart, the stoic, bearded patriot looks to take the XFL by storm bringing fantasy knowledge and a deep love of the game to the group.

They join the already assembled cast of characters including out Sacko from last year, the man that trades forgot, Brennan. He's talked a bigger game in the off season, promising to put in more effort in order to not be a repeat 'champion.'

Leading the way, the man to beat, our Champion despite vanishing into thin air and causing us all to worry about his personal safety when he was meant to collect his trophy is Jack. He is confident that he can put forward another winning season but with the playing field even wider than his asshole this year it is going to be a big challenge.

Oh, and Ed didn't get blinked out of existence by Thanos, contrary to popular belief.

Thats it for today.

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