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Save The Expanse - Quick Hits

Let’s do a quick hits, I’ve got a few smaller topics to go over without going too deep on any of them.

On Tuesday, after I’d written my long post about Jon I actually spoke to my sister on the phone for about an hour. We caught up, shot the shit, talked about our opinions on everything that’s going on. Not just about Jon, but about everything. It was cool, I don’t talk to Lucy enough these days, she’s always busy with her family and business stuff, we’re pretty different people so it’s not like we need to talk about everything all the time anyway. But it was nice to catch up.

I also hadn’t spoken to my grandma for ages so I gave her a call yesterday evening. It was brief, she seemed to be trying to wrap the conversation up when I would have been happy to carry on chatting, but I think it is mostly because she is so hard of hearing these days. She seemed okay though. I’m going to try and get to see her after we get back from our holiday.

Rounding out the family, my mum phoned this afternoon while I was on my break. She just wanted to hear a cheerful voice, which was nice. She’d been talking to Jon and that never seems to be a good thing for anyone. She was able to vent everything to me and I gave her my opinions and thoughts on stuff. That sort of conversation not too long ago would have wound me up and made me really annoyed at him but I’ve got to a point now where it didn’t really effect me at all. I think my cool and calm nature about it all helped my mum. I feel good about that.

I really wanted to get a game of Legion in this week before going away but time really got away from me. Wes was only free tomorrow night and I don’t want to play then as it’ll be the first time I’ve seen Sara in a non sleeping state since Saturday I think! We’ve got some stuff to do, mostly packing but I also need a hair cut and we’ve got a few TV shows to catch up on before we go away.

I thought about packing yesterday but didn’t do any. I might start this evening. We’re only going for a week and only taking cabin bags so it’s not like either of us will be taking much.

On the subject of TV shows, goddamn #SaveTheExpanse Amazon! This show is too good to be ending at the end of this season and if SyFy don’t want it anymore then Amazon is the best place for it to go.

It’s actually more complicated than that, I did some reading into it and understand why SyFy are cutting it, it’s a stupid and petty move, but I kind of understand. I’ll be really annoyed if it doesn’t get picked up as the current season has been fantastic and knowing the source material it is only going to get better from here.

The only other thing to mention is another sci-fi property I’ve been reading, the second book in the Expeditionary Force series, SpecOps. Like the first novel, this is a really fun action adventure romp in space. It is one part military fiction, one part hard sci-fi and one part goofy comedy. I really recommend the series and in particular the audiobooks narrated by RC Bray.

Thats all folks. I’ll be back tomorrow for what will probably be the last update posted for a week.

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