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We've been busy packing this evening.

Sara got home from work and we were going to go for beers an tacos at Overdraft but they were closed for a (very busy) private event, so we decided we'd go for Thai food and cocktails, they ended up being busy and we were hungry by then so instead we went for burgers and milkshake/root beer. It was still pretty great, we do have a bunch of good choices for food here these days.

We chilled out and watched this weeks episode of The Expanse after that and then got on with sorting out everything we're going to need for the next week.

Oh and we drew our fantasy league draft order for the coming season.

As I've said, I'm going to be writing every day but those posts will all go up next week when we get back. If you're reading this from the future 'tomorrow' will just be the first day of the holiday but otherwise check back next week for the daily reports of our holiday! Maybe subscribe so you get notified when they go up.


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