• James Hewlett

Marrakech - Day 1

Okay so I'm going to post a weeks worth of updates today, they're literally just the notes I took each day and a picture or two. Some of the notes are more in depth write ups, the others are often as brief as a single sentence that won't make a lot of sense. I am planning a whole other travel logs page on the site and these notes will be used to do a more comprehensive description there. Anyway, the Mr Fusion is full of trash, the time circuits are on and the flux capacitor is... fluxing so let's go a week back in time...

Super painless flight, arrived early. Found our ride among the dozens of drivers and proceeded be amazed by the chaotic driving. It was a lot of fun watching it from the safety of the back seat.

Walked down the alley ways to our riad and got settled in.

Went exploring to the ‘big square’ to check out the street food and find somewhere to get a drink. Ended up eating at the touristy place but it was fine for what we wanted night one. Saw a band and belly dancers.

Got completely lost in the souks heading back.

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