• James Hewlett

Marrakech - Day 3

Fuck my foot. But not gonna not.

Headed straight through the souks and central square to more affluent side of town. Tried to find si siad, found a closed door only. Maybe we should have tried it.

Went to Bahia palace which was really nice but the most touristy place we’ve been.

Badi palace was closed until later in the week.

Kozycafe for a pause and a drink. Putting plenty of water in me today. I’m limping but not super bad. I was arrogant and didn’t bring my meds either. Idiot.

I haven’t eaten or drank anything to trigger it, I think just lots of walking in flip flops yesterday did it. Not enough water!

After a pause we went to saadian tombs, small but super intricate and impressive.

Currently at clock cafe, very hipster and cool. Waiting on camel burgers.


Slow stroll back via the square (accosted by snake and monkey men) and the souks (without getting lost)

After chilling out we went for food at souk cafe, it was pretty crap.

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