• James Hewlett

Marrakech - Day 5

Hammam in the morning, this was an experience! We did a couples one and boy am I glad we did. Being told to pretty much get naked and then being bathed was awkward enough, it would have been weirder if we didn't have each other to laugh about it with. It is part spa, part hot room, part scrub and wash. It was really good.

After that we had a massage each, it was my first professional massage in fact, super relaxing, it could have happily fallen asleep.

We decided to take a walk out of town to Ville Nouvelle, the French quarter of what is essentially the 'new town' outside the walls and craziness we had been in. It was a stark difference out there. We hit up Jardin Majorelle which is a garden, gallery, museum place that looks really cool.

It felt like a completely different country out that way, there was a lot more of what I was referring to as 'new town money' around. It was fun to visit but just for the afternoon.

We stopped at the Henna Cafe on our way back as it was right by our riad, Sara had her feet done and I made a friend.

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