• James Hewlett

Marrakech - Day 6

Souk shopping, the picture doesn't do it justice. That's just the walk into the souks. They get narrower and full on both sides with stalls and shops. It doesn't stop the mopeds blasting through though.

Closed badi palace and si siad school for Ramadan. We tried to hit up these two sites again today but had no luck. They are pretty much the only tourist attractions we didn't manage to visit though.

Drinks at Fox art - Sara ordered an avacado milkshake. It looked nice but apparently it would have been better if it had been colder.

It was a cool arty cafe and they get everyone to draw on a napkin before they can leave. Sara is the artist of our relationship and did this one just off the top of her head using the felt pens they had on hand.

Cafe culture, stopping all over the place. As we struck out with the sites we ended up just cafe hopping, it was quite nice to be honest. It felt very European. We don't have a cafe culture in the UK, we have shitty coffee shops that are more utilitarian than relaxing. This is over looking the central square. You can see the monkey men and snake men in the foreground and in the background is actually a large prayer group as it was about noon. This is packed at night and outside of Ramadan busier during the day.. it was enough for us though as is!

Few drinks at Arabe before chilling out and Sara snoozing.

Walked to Nomad in the evening but it was full, so we headed to Le Jardin. Nice meal, I thought I was being boring ordering a burger but it was awesome, halfway between a standard burger and a taco.

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